10 apps for college students #VZWVoices

College students have so much to worry about – the ‘Freshmen 15’, studying, balancing school and life – that often they forget obvious things, like staying safe and healthy.

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As parents send their kids off into the world of having to make their own decision, doing their own laundry and getting themselves up in the morning for class, be sure to download these 10 apps for college students.

Apps for college students


Health related apps

Coppertone MyUV Alert

1. The Coppertone MyUV Alert keeps your student sun safe while studying on the quad or taking some much needed R&R at the local beach. This app not only keeps your college student safer from the sun-soaked quad, but can protect your whole family, as well. It offers local UV index forecasts, custom sunscreen reapplication reminders that you set, individualized product recommendations, coupons and more.

You can download the Coppertone MyUV Alert app from iTunes and on Google Play.

2. Water Your Body is an app that reminds you to drink water and tracks your water drinking habits. Now, I’m not saying that college students drink more alcohol than water, but… Of course, it’s not just for the heavy drinkers, but for the health conscious, too. Just enter your current weight and the app will help you to determine how much water your body needs everyday.

You can download the Water Your Body app from iTunes and on Google Play.

3. The American Red Cross First Aid app puts advice from the experts in your hand. The app gives you instant access to the help you need to know how to handle the most common first aid emergencies.

You can download the First Aid app from iTunes and on Google Play.

Safety Related Apps

4. OnWatch was created with college students in mind – both male and female. With just two taps of your phone, friends and emergency responders are alerted that you’re in need of help and given your GPS location. This could be a lifesaving app, whether you’re walking to your dorm from a late night class, at a party that has gotten out of control or just driving home to visit your folks.

OnWatch can be downloaded from iTunes and on Google Play.

Apps for college students

5. Panic Guard is another safety app that alerts Crime Stoppers of your location using your GPS location. If you feel like you may be in a dangerous situation (such as in a dark alley or on a questionable street), just turn the app on which activates the real-time GPS. Depending on your subscription, one shake alerts your pre-selected emergency contacts the Crimestoppers ARC. The ARC will atttempt to contact you three times at which point they will contact the police and alert them to your location.

Panic Guard can be downloaded from iTunes.

6. Circle of Six is a free app that can help prevent violence before it happens. First, add six preferred contacts using the app. When you’re in need of help – your car breaks down or you’re stuck at a party – click the app to ask your friends for help, including your GPS location. You can even use the app to have one of your Circle of Six call you so that you have an excuse to leave a party or uncomfortable conversation.

Circle of Six is available for download from iTunes and from Google Play.

7. Eye Watch is another safety app, but this one actually captures audio before activation, records video after, and calls your Call Guardians one after the other on Speakerphone automatically. It display audio and video clips taken from your phone on a secure web page so first responders, or friends and family, don’t need your phone to help find you.

Eye Watch can be downloaded from iTunes, Google Play and for Blackberry.

Life on Campus Apps

Health related apps for college students8. Life 360 is a family-centered app that lets family members track each other, for safety or for social reasons. It is a free smartphone app that helps families find other family members on a private map, get help in an emergency, or group chat with your family.

Life 360 can be downloaded for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

9. Hollaback helps users end street harassment one hollaback at a time. As you catch those creeps in the act, you can submit your story to be recorded and mapped on ihollaback.org. This can help make your walk to campus or to work much more bearable, especially in larger cities.

To Hollaback on the go, download the free iPhone and Droid apps.

10. Whether you’re chronically ill or have special medical needs, Capzule PHR is the ideal app for college students or any adult. Stored locally on your device. Capzule PHR is the most comprehensive personal health records App. Record conditions, enter medications, manage physician and insurance information and a dozen more options to help keep your medical information all in one place.

You can download Capzule PHR is available for iTunes.

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