7 Ways To Creatively Use Your Old Holiday Cards

  1. Use your old cards to make decorative houses to use as gift card holders or place card holders.Use old holiday cards to make a little house
  2. Frame your old holiday cards for a pop of color during the dreary winter.Frame your old Christmas cards for a pop of color
  3. Make pretty Mason jar lid toppers for homemade gift givingUse your Christmas cards to make decorative Mason jar toppers
  4. Create beautiful decorative Christmas tree ornaments from your old Christmas cardsChristmas tree ornaments from old Christmas cards
  5. Create these amazing vintage blocks to adorn your mantle over the holidaysVintage blocks with old Christmas cards
  6. Decorate your home with upcycled Christmas cards used as a fun holiday banner

    Holiday cards used as a banner 
  7. Give your presents some pop with these Christmas card monogram gift tagsChristmas card gift tags to make gift giving more personal


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