When There’s NOT An App For That: The Best Way To Fall Asleep With DreamScience

I love how everyone, since the invention of smartphones likely, thinks that an app is the cure-all for everything. Need to find the best scenic route for your road trip? There’s an app for that. Need to find ideas for your kitchen remodel? There’s an app for that. Can’t fall asleep? There’s an app for that.

In fact, there’s hundreds of apps for that. But how do you find the right app? Are you sure that an app is the best for your needs? Maybe it’s time for something a little more scientific than just sleepy time music or white noise.

We were given the Oregon Scientific DreamScience to facilitate our review. All opinions are our own and were not influenced.

Oregon Scientific DreamScience Review

We’re actually sleeping much better lately thanks to DreamScience by Oregon Scientific. It’s a brainwave-oriented sleep companion and alarm clock that combines clinically proven technology that provides better sleep and wakes you calmly and naturally.

How DreamScience Works

DreamScience has patented Sleep Enhancement Technology that creates soothing ambient sounds that gradually reduce in volume and slow in rhythm. This method is scientifically proven to calm the body and mind so that you can fall asleep and get better sleep.

This Sleep Enhancement Technology is also combined with Brainwave Embedded Sounds that cue specific brainwaves depending on your choice of sounds and sequences used. There are even mood lights that help you fall asleep.

Why We Love It

My husband and I both have stressful days so by the time we go to bed, our minds are reeling and we have a hard time calming our bodies. With DreamScience, we can choose from 20 built-in soundscapes or use the audio line-in to play music from our own device. Our favorite is Hawaii; it’s a soothing combination of ocean waves and wind chimes-type sounds. We fall asleep almost instantly and we’ve definitely noticed a change in the quality of our sleep.

There are even specified wake-up and sleep sounds optimized for your needs. DreamScience has made a definite change in our bedtime routine, whether we’re looking to fall asleep quickly or if we just need some down time to relax with the soothing sounds.

You can plug it in or, perfect for when you’re on the go, it has the option for battery powered operation with your choice of two battery types.

Buy It

It retails for around $75-$100.

More Info

You can learn more about it on their website and be sure to follow Oregon Scientific on Facebook and on Twitter.

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