Juke24 Jukebox Review: The Fun Way For Kids To Learn, Read, And Sing

I may be biased, but watching my daughter sing along to her favorite songs – she tends to favor ‘twenty one pilots’ and Meghan Trainor – is adorable. Did you know that research has indicated that reading books, hearing their favorite stories and singing songs repetitively are essential for child development and learning?

That’s why many of the children’s song and television shows repeat songs and phrases. It helps children learn, so when my daughter reads or listens to the same book, or insists we replay the same songs, she’s actually learning. Juke24, a new toy for kids, can actually help with their learning!

Juke24 Jukebox for kids review

Juke24™ Jukebox can hold up to 48-hours of audio content, including music, stories, songs, personal messages from loved ones, or other audio, each labeled with 24 customizable buttons!

You can easily load content in a variety of ways: CD, computer, smartphone, laptop or flash drive, even read and record songs, poems or books to listen to, anytime. You also have the ability to re-program any button with new parent controlled content to make sure that Juke24 is loaded with their favorite songs and stories.

Juke24 is the ideal holiday gift for kids

Easily upload content to as many of the 24 buttons as you like and you can use their free iPhone app to create customized button artwork! 

Juke24™ comes in three fun color combinations, 4GB of built-in memory, a back-loading CD player, karaoke function with microphone, built-in speakers, and customizable buttons with translucent covers.

Juke24 can read stories, play music, or let your kids rock out with karaoke mode

Ella’s is loaded with her favorite story books because she loves to read and to be read to. She can listen to her stories while we’re driving or before she goes to bed and she can follow along with the story using her books. We can also record her favorite songs for playback, making sure that the content is safe for her – not the songs or unedited version her brother plays for her.

Right away, our 5-year-old was able to operate it and learn to create her own button art. It’s easy to use and can be plugged in or uses batteries. It comes with a microphone so they can karaoke to their favorite songs or read along with the stories. It’s light and small, so it’s easy to transport wherever they go. Juke24™ comes in Pink, black/silver, and red/yellow color combinations.

We received our Juke24™ to facilitate our review, though all opinions are our own and were not influenced in any way.

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