2016 Kia Sorento Review: See What Our Family Loved And Why It’s A Favorite

If you’ve never driven a Kia vehicle, you’re truly missing out on a brand that has evolved into an industry leader and vehicles that chock full of the bells and whistles that you’ve grown to love and comfort you want.

You can’t beat the features for the money and it has excellent crash test scores so I know it’s safe for my family.

Kia Sorento is among one of our favorites

The 2016 Kia Sorento is like driving a minivan but without the minivan look. It’s roomy (but with only a slight desire for improvement here), comfortable, and perfect for long trips with more passengers.

Though the five-seat-two-row configuration is standard, we opted to test the Sorento’s optional seven-seat configuration and was pleased as punch with out choice.

Kia Sorento Rear

Here’s something that we’d never thought about before kids but love about the Kia Sorento; the height of the vehicle makes getting kids into the vehicle, especially in car seats easier. The kids love that it’s not so high off the ground so they can easily climb in and out themselves.

Other options that we loved were the smooth-as-buttah Nappa leather interior, heated front seats, and the healthy dose of technology like blind spot detection and a surround view parking monitor.

Kia Sorento interior is stylish and comfortable

As a mom, I tend to gravitate towards safety and comfort, ignoring what’s under the hood oftentimes. But, I did notice that shifting was smooth, the ride was quiet, and it had good takeoff power for its size. Many of the SUVs I’ve driven lately have featured the CVT Transmission of which I am not a fan due to its jerky feel; Kia has opted against the CVT and for that, we’re thankful.

The 2016 Kia Optima is the perfect family vehicle. So much so that the kids and I were sad to see it go. Though our family tends to gravitate more towards Toyota vehicles, I would have no issue with parking this beauty in my driveway.

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