8 Awesome Time Wasting Websites


time wasting websitesNobody really wants to work. We want to get paid to work, we just don’t want to put in the time. What we need is a huge waste of time – nay, several huge wastes of time. We have a collection of websites that are a total waste of time. Ones that don’t require too much thought, don’t make you take stupid quizzes to share with your Facebook friends and, for the love of God, are so from being considered work it’s not funny.

  • Origami3D Animated Origami Instructions – Get your piece of paper ready for some free origami lessons. This site will teach you how to make a flapping bird, a peace crane, or a shirt. Just don’t go in the rain wearing the shirt.
  • 80s Classic Television – Kids, be sure to get your parents permission before dialing in! Welcome back to the days of He-Man and Punky Brewster with BeTaMaXmaS! There’s even a throwback TV Guide to assist in your retro viewing.

80s Television

  • Turn on some fun with Fun Switcher – I like random noises and I cannot lie. Listen to the SpongeBob theme song or Peter Griffin tell you how little he cares… or both at the same time! You can also use the site to mix your favorite iconic lines, songs, or random noises from iconic TV shows or movies. My favorite is the Windows boot up theme with the fail womp-womp sound.
  • Break it down with Koalas to the Max dot com – Slide your cursor over the dots and they break down. Do it again, and each separates again. What’s the point of all this? Nothing, really. It’s just a fun way to waste time, hence the title of the article.
  • Get ready to mix it up with Seaquence. Seaquence is an experiment in musical composition. According to the site that uses the biological metaphor, you can create and combine musical lifeforms resulting in an organic, dynamic composition. Creating musical lifeforms, filling in squares to create beats and moving around your cursor will create some sick beats.
  • From 80s television to the psychedelic 60s, Dark Psychedelic is an online kaleidoscope of fun colors and shapes that will either entertain you at your drunkest or entertain your kids for 3 minutes when they’re bored.
  • How would you like a job for which you have no qualifications but get paid millions? Go to Hacker Typer and just start hitting keys. Amaze your friends, whip it out during an interview for a programmer job – it doesn’t matter. Just make sure your face looks like it knows what it’s doing and you’re set.

wasting time

  • We all get writer’s block. We don’t all know how to cure writer’s block. Oh, we do now. I Need A Prompt gives you a million (and likely +1) ideas for blog posts. Or weird dreams. Or a really bad pick up line, we’re not sure.

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