5 Awesome Toys Your Kids Will Love From GeoSpace!


Even if you don’t have kids, there’s rarely a time when a year goes by without your having to buy a toy. For birthdays or holidays, for nieces, nephews, or friends’ kids, a good toy is sometimes hard to find. We found some great ones from our friends at GeoSpace and wanted to share them with you as we approach the holiday season.

We received a couple of these items to facilitate our review. Although, the toys were great fun, our opinions were not influenced.

GameTime Ping Pong

ToysWe love the GameTime Ping Pong Set! Definitely ideal for travel and it’s a snap to set up on any table. It attaches to any table with suction cups on the two net posts. Players use the two paddles to swat the balls back and forth and the set can quickly be set up or torn down and carried on the go anytime. At under $12, it’s a great buy and will make the perfect stocking stuffer!


The GeoFlux is seriously fun for both kids and adults. In fact, my fiance (who is 38) said that it was actually “soothing” to play with, running it back and forth from arm to arm. It transforms from a flat series of rings to a 3-D planetary shape that spirals up and down your arms or from person to person. We try to see how long we can keep it going from person to person 🙂 This therapeutic game is under $18.

Deluxe Hover Hockey

It’s not just kids that hockey – adults will love to play Hover Hockey, too! Any table or non-carpeted smooth floor makes a perfect arena for this game, so you can play it just about anywhere. The disc’s soft rubber bumper protects it from shock and allows it to bounce off objects. Each set includes the disc, two disc strikers, and two cardboard goals. For around $23, it’s a great buy!

GameTime Football


 DOWN, set. HUT one, hut two…HIKE! GameTime Football reminds me of the paper football flicking game we used to play in grade school, except more fun and far more sophisticated. It’s also perfect for travel and the spring-loaded football launcher can toss the ball up to 3 feet! It retails for around $12.

Walkaroo Stilts

toysAvailable in both Jr. Lightweight and Xtreme, stilt walking is made fun for both younger and older kids. The ergonomically correct design positions young stilt-walkers with in a more natural, upright posture than other models on the market. The Jr. model is around $47 and the Xtreme version is around $70.

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