5 Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas For Couples On A Budget

Don’t let a romantic Valentine’s Day date night break your budget! There are so many ways in which you can have fun with your significant other – or even a fun single ladies night out – without having to drop a ton of cash. We found 5 fun date night ideas for couples on a budget. We’ve even added a few bonus tips on how to further save money on your date night this Valentine’s Day.

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Date Night Ideas For Budget Conscious Couples

1. Try Something That’s New – Ice skating at your local rink or pond (make sure it’s safe!) or indoor rock climbing are great examples of beneficial dates. Why? Being active together reduces stress and the positive feedback can bring you closer together. Just find an activity that you both might enjoy and doesn’t cost a lot, maybe at a local community center. In our area, ice skating is only a few bucks for each; indoor rock climbing is just a few more.

2. Reverse Your Roles – Traditionally, but not always, it’s our men that treat us to a night out. Be the one to pick your man, take him to a dive bar for a burger and a few cheap pints, and take a walk or catch a movie after. We have an outdoor mall that has lovely bridges and a small pond with a fire pit so we like to go there when it’s warm.

3. Keep Reaching For The Stars – Check your local observatory or college as they often have guided ‘star tours’ with public viewing nights so the cost is often free. There’s nothing more romantic that being together under the stars, whether you’re indoors or out.

4. It’s Getting Hot In Here – Go shopping and bring home your favorite ingredients to cook a meal together. It’s romantic and can sometimes very sensual.

5. The Cheesier, The Better – Find a local record store (yes, records – remember those?) or book store and take turns finding the cheesiest record cover or funniest book title. It’s fun to explore and is totally free, unless you take home that Herbie Mann ‘Push Push’ album that you love so much.

Bonus Tips For Saving On Your Date Night:

1. Not only can you get great ideas from online site like Groupon, but they can help you save a ton on food and activities.

2. Don’t be afraid to clip coupons! During the week, we get mailers that are just a few pages – often referred to as ‘junk mail’ – but there are coupons for local restaurants, even if it’s just a pizza joint.

3. Check local calendars for your town online or in the newspaper. You’ll often find a calendar of events in your area and you might find a few free ones!

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