6 Ways To Make Your Life Easier Right Now!

With two kids, two jobs, and a very busy lifestyle, I need all the help I can get! If I could, I’d hire a maid, an assistant, and a nanny but that’s not very realistic. What is realistic are these 6 ways to make your life easier right now!

make your life easier

Ways to save money shopping onlineGet It Here

If there’s one thing that’s true about shopping, whether in-store or online, it’s that prices are always changing. There are apps that will alert you if a price changes, but what if you need the item now – for example, a birthday gift?

Paribus is an app that will compare prices even after you’ve purchased an item and if the price drops, they get you a refund for the difference! What a huge time (and money) saver!

For me, Paribus is especially useful for checking for price drops on items I buy frequently, like toilet paper or water filters. If the price is lower, then I can stock up!


Healthy meals at homeGet It Here

This weekend, we cooked our first Home Chef meal and my husband RAVED about it. Home Chef is a meal ingredient delivery service that makes creating delicious meals easier.

It saves you time by sending you pre-measured ingredients for delicious recipes. It’s also a HUGE help when I’m feeling not-so-creative when it comes to cooking meals for my family. It’s also perfect for date nights at home because we can spend less time shopping and cooking and more time with each other.

Right now, first time buyers get $30 off their first purchase of at least 2 meals! Just use Promo Code: SHOPSHARE.


filtered waterGet It Here

I’m always telling my kids to drink more water but the fact is, I’m guilty of not remembering to keep up my own water intake. One thing that makes drinking those 8 glasses of water a day is having fresh, clean water on demand.

I love this awesome countertop water filter because it’s easy for everyone in the family to access!

It can also save you a ton of money if you’re a bottled water buyer. Did you know that bottled water costs more than gasoline? Even at $1 per bottle, you are paying $3+ per gallon. Purified water costs 1 – 10 cents, and commercial systems even less. That’s Savings of 10-30 times.


Free credit report cardGet It Here

When I got married, I warned my husband about my less-than-desirable credit. But, thanks to Credit Sesame, it’s a lot easier for anyone to improve their credit scores.

Whether you’re just starting out or trying to fix bad decisions you’ve made in the past, Credit Sesame can help anyone repair their credit history. It can also be an invaluable service for teaching older kids about how to get and keep good credit.


Dress your shapeGet It Here

When I’m feeling down, retail therapy seems to be the best kind of therapy! While I’m not great at fashion trends, Style Confidence Club is an awesome resource for anyone.

They can work with you to help you find styles that fit your shape and boost your confidence! Style Confidence Club will perform a personal body type analysis as well as a personal color analysis. This will help you find the perfect outfits that will flatter you from top to bottom.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect outfit for date night or a wedding, check them out! Use the promo code SHOPSHARE!#) to save $130 – now only $69!


travelGet It Here

So now that you’re feeling healthier from all that clean water drinking, you’ve got your new outfits that flatter you and make you feel sexy, and your finances are in order, it’s time for a vacation!

Trip Advisor can help you plan the perfect spring break or couple’s getaway. They’ll help you book vacation rentals, a rental car, hotel and air travel. It’s your one-stop-shop for everything vacation if a little relaxing is exactly what you need!


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