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Pixar Play Zone at Disney World
Disney Disney Parks

Disney’s New Pixar Play Zone At Disney World

Disney World has recently added a new immersive play experience for kids called the Pixar Play Zone.  Pixar Play Zone is located at Disney’s Contemporary Resort and availability is limited, so reservations are recommended. It also costs an additional $65 plus tax per child, but definitely looks to be worth the extra cost. The Pixar-themed …

Taking your family to Disney World
Disney Disney Parks Travel

Why My Daughter Will Be Skipping School For Disney World

This week, my husband said the sexiest words I’ve ever heard to me: “Let’s book a trip to Disney World!” I’m completely serious when I tell you that those words are like my-husband-cooking-and-doing-the-dishes level porn to my ears. About 10 years ago, when I was a single mom and my son was only 8-years-old, we …

Disney Family Museum
Disney Travel

The Walt Disney Family Museum In San Francisco: How Disney Changed The World #Waltagram

Would it surprise you to learn that Alice In Wonderland actually started as a comedy series? Perhaps you might not know that Walt Disney’s very first character, Oswald the rabbit, was a character that Walt lost the rights to but inspired a certain well-known mouse? Or, perhaps that several times throughout Walt’s life, his creations and dreams …

Disney Magical World
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Disney Magical World For Nintendo 3DS: Game Play For All Ages

Sometimes, we review products that are meant for adults and some are meant for kids. There’s usually a distinct difference between the two; mommy gets all the cool tech and boring beauty products (I love ’em, the kids don’t) and the kids get all the fun toys, games and kid’s clothes. Sometimes that line is …

Ralph Breaks the Internet VR experience
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New VR Experience Available In Disney Springs, Downtown Disney

Get ready to break the internet along with your favorite characters from Disney’s upcoming film, Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2! The new film hits theaters November 21. On the same day through January 6, you can break into the world of Ralph Breaks the Internet when you book the virtual reality experience …