A Simple Thank You Gift You Means So Much: Less Is More At Target

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A simple and delicious thank you gift with items from Target

I have a confession to make: I have a group of acquaintances that I secretly call The Forgettables. They’re the people I always forget – no matter how hard I try to remember – to thank during the holiday season. My UPS man, my mail lady, my hair dresser, even the kids’ teachers! The list is short, but I get so focused on friends and family, it never fails that I forget give them a small thank you gift.

I wised up this year and added a few things to #MyTargetEssentials list. In the party aisle at Target, I found these cute little jars with hinged tops and this decorative twine, both from Spritz. I hit the snack aisle where the yummy Archer Farms snacks are; that’s my favorite aisle! I put together these super-easy gift snack jars that I keep in a basket by my front door, ready for any one of my Forgettables. 

Creating A Simple Thank You Gift

Find these items at Target to create holiday thank you gifts

Target is the perfect place to get holiday gifts and delicious snacks, so it made sense, while I was there preparing the house for Thanksgiving, that I could create something fun as well!

Delicious treats make the perfect thank you gift this holiday season

A few of my favorite snacks from Archer Farms are the blueberry-nut snack mix and the mint-chocolate cookie mix. In a bowl, they might seem like plain snacks, but in these little jars with pretty twine, they become thoughtful ‘thank you’ gifts!

Food gifts for friends

How pretty are these? Even the nuts in the trail mix look like fall leaves. They’re perfect for fall gifts for the neighbors, teacher gifts, or hostess gifts as you attend parties throughout the year. See? We’ve got you covered!

What’s your #TargetRun?


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