When You Need To Lasso The Moon: Why You WANT The Apollo Box Moon Light!

The coolest stuff happens when you click these buttons!

Listen. We do a ton of posts each year, probably, on all the things you NEED. The Moon Light from Apollo Box is the thing you WANT and we’ll tell you why.

The Apollo Box Moonlight is 3D printed with eco-friendly materials

The Apollo Box Moon Light Is Cooler Than Cool

Save for the fact that this is the most awesome looking night light, the Apollo Box Moon Light is always cool to the touch so even the kiddos can enjoy a full moon every night. Yes, we said ‘full moon’ and we can hear your butt jokes from here.

Anyway, as soon as this lovely came into our home, I never stood a chance of keeping it. It went right to my daughter’s bedside and never found its way back to me.

The Apollo Box Moon Light nightlight makes the perfect gift. Get 15% off site-wide with our code

The Moon Light Is An On-Demand Gift

When you order your Moon Light from Apollo Box, it doesn’t even exist yet! Let me explain.

Each moon is 3D printed with eco-friendly materials when you order it. So, while it takes about 15 days to process, you know that love went into YOUR moon light and it was made just for you.

It will come to your door with a 5V DC USB power cord for the rechargeable battery, in one of 3 sizes, and a ceramic or a wood base that is easy to set up.

Each Apollo Box Moon Light comes in three sizes and a wood or porcelain stand

Who Owns The Moon? You Do!

We’ve all dreamed of touching the moon, whether it’s a man’s face or made of cheese. Or rock. I don’t know, I wasn’t really paying attention in high school. But now indulge yourself with the soothing glow of a photorealistic moon light. The LED light adjusts from soft white to yellow, creating the perfect ambiance for a relaxing night or a romantic date. Or, for your kids to steal.

You just touch to change color and adjust brightness, press longer to enable the dim function, and you can gift it because it comes in a gift box

Now, you can order yours for 15% off when you use the promo code DUSTY15.
In fact, you can use that code on anything on the Apollo Box site,
and they have some really cool stuff!

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