Back To School Fashion Sneak Peek From Kids Headquarters! #BBNYC

Head to Kids Headquarters in one of the most recognizable buildings in New York City – the Empire State Building – and it feels like you’re smack dab in the middle of fashion week for kids. Their HQ is home to some of the most recognizable brand names in kids’ fashions; Under Armour, Nautica, IZOD and more lined down the halls in display offices that feel like you’re walking through a clothing museum featuring the best names.

Kids Headquarters

While attending Blogger Bash this year, I was invited to an exclusive event at Global Brands and Kids Headquarters to see the back to school fashion that we can look forward to this year as well as a VERY EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the 2016 fall line of Nautica’s designs for kids!

We were also taken to past the 2-hour long line at the Empire State Building to see the stunning view from atop of New York, one of my favorite cities.

Under Armour For Kids

back to school fashion

I can not believe the adorable prints, colors and graphics that Under Armour designs for their kid’s clothing line. They even sent us home with a few outfits for our preschooler and she adores them! They’re well made, they last forever, and they are certainly an investment. While the items are a bit above what we usually spend for our kids, we don’t buy just one brand name. We buy a few Under Armour items for her, as well as for my teen, because they’re perfect for sports because of the moisture wicking, they ideal for layering during the winter, and they don’t wear out like other brands.

back to school fashion with Under Armour

Not only is their kid’s line adorable, they make great gifts for new parents, too. Many are designed to match or complement adult items from Under Armour, so working out with your kids, even if they’re just sitting in the jogging stroller, is too cute for words.

Back To School Fashion This Fall

We were also able to get a sneak peek at what we can expect this year for back to school fashion from brands like Under Armour, IZOD,

back to school

Whether your kids are on the soccer fields or cheering from the sidelines, Under Armour has so many great items this fall and their graphic tees with words and phrases are not to miss! Look for them in stores starting this July! And products from Nautica, IZOD

back to school fashion uniforms

Nautica back to school fashion


fall fashion for back to school

IZOD fall fashion for back to school

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