How An Easy Change In Your Office Could Help Improve Your Health

If you have a desk job as I do, this means that most of your day is spent in a sedentary state. This means we have little to no activity and for many, this means weight gain, muscle soreness, and back issues. But there is something you can add to your office that could actually help improve your health. It’s the Autonomous SmartDesk and it’s a much bigger deal that I initially thought.

Autonomous sent us a SmartDesk to facilitate our review, though all opinions are our own and weren’t influenced in any way.

Autonomous SmartDesk can adjust from 24" to 51" at the push of a button

4 Ways That Autonomous SmartDesk Could Improve Your Health

  1. Did you know that just by standing vs. sitting, you’re burning 50 more calories per hour? If you’re burning calories, that means less risk of obesity.
  2. Breast and colon cancer are most related to lack of physical activity. A study from 2011 reported that 43,000 cases of colon cancer and 49,000 cases of breast cancer annually are caused by prolonged sitting. Kinda makes you want to get up an move more often, doesn’t it?
  3. Another aspect that will improve by a standing smart desk is your eye health and posture. You can improve your posture and reduce eye strain if your computer screen is just above resting eye level, so you have to look up slightly to see it. Traditional desks are at waist height – that means you’re looking down farther than you should be.
  4. A 2011 study showed that Americans can easily increase their life expectancy by two years, just by reducing sitting time from the standard six hours to just three hours per day. This means you don’t have to stand the entire day, but with your new Autonomous SmartDesk, you can adjust to most any height you’d like with just a push of a button!

Autonomous SmartDesk could be the solution to many health problems caused by working at a desk all day

How To Make The Autonomous SmartDesk Work For You

Start by customizing your SmartDesk. Your desktop can be black, white, walnut, light Oak, or Bamboo. You can also choose the shape of your desktop, whether you like a more traditional square or prefer an ergonomic curve. You also have the option of 3 different platform colors and the choice between their Home or Business Edition SmartDesk.

Setup was pretty easy – I assembled it myself – though it is a bit hefty as it has a 220-300 lb. capacity, depending on the model you choose. And, at 30″ deep, you have plenty of workspace.

This is the ideal desk for bloggers and vloggers! Imagine being able stand or sit for video, live feed, or conferences. For photographers, it’s perfect because you can adjust the height quickly to achieve different angles for food or product photography. I personally love it as my vanity desk because I can sit and play with makeup ideas or record tutorials, or just fix my makeup quickly before I step out the door without even sitting down.

Autonomous SmartDesk is the ideal workspace for bloggers, vloggers, and photographers!

The Autonomous SmartDesk ranges in price from $299 to $399 depending on your options. No matter your option, Autonomous offers a 30-day free trial and up to a 5 year warranty. 

For more information, be sure to check out their website and follow them on Twitter and on Facebook.

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