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Starbucks VerismoCoffee runs in my veins; it may have even replaced my blood, I can’t be sure. A good cup of coffee warms the soul, it wakes us up in the morning and can enhance an already delicious dessert. During my two recent trips to New York City, I realized several things but most importantly, I love that NYC has a Starbucks® on almost every single corner. In my neck of the woods, we’re not that lucky. There are a few in our area, but the closest one is in our Kroger and *apparently* it’s frowned upon to get my coffee dressed in jammies and bed head. But my barista always has a smiling face!

Last year at BlogHer, I was so excited to learn that Starbucks® was creating a machine that brewed my coffee, lattees and espresso at home I was, well, there’s no word that I can think of that tops thrilled! Meet Verismo, the new love of my life (please don’t tell my boyfriend).

The machine that makes both espresso and brewed coffee. Now you have the famous coffeehouse recipes to create the drinks you love – Caffe Latte, espresso, and a freshly brewed cup of Starbucks® coffee – at home.  Our sweet creamy Caffe Latte, the original loved in our coffeehouses.  Our caramelly rich true espresso, perfectly unchanged since our first handcrafted latte.

If you’ve already a competitive model of single brew coffee maker, the Starbucks® Verismo takes getting used to. The Starbucks Verismo has a self-cleaning feature that operates each time it’s turned on, which is both beneficial and a little inconvenient. It doesn’t take long, maybe 5 seconds, but when you’re used to just popping a pod in and starting your cup of coffee, this just becomes an extra step. However, it’s a great feature to keep your cups of coffee fresh and clean.

Starbucks Latte

With the Starbucks® Verismo, you can brew a simple cup of coffee or a more advanced latte, which only requires an extra step (and reading directions – this will seem complicated if you don’t read the directions). You even have the convenience of option for a double shot of Espresso – which is most of my mornings.

The Starbucks® Verismo uses branded pods that come in a variety of options, including the milk pods to make the lattes. The cost is comparable, if not slightly more, than competitive brands but is cheaper per cup of coffee than at Starbucks®. If regular brewed Starbucks® coffee, espresso or latte isn’t your ‘cup of tea’, there are mocha, vanilla latte and carmel machiatto kits you can purchase, as well. If mom loves Starbucks, she’ll love the convenience of Starbucks at home!

There are two models that range in price from $199-$399 (although they’re on sale on the Starbucks site now!).

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