17 ways under $20 to brighten your home for spring

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Spring home decor under 20
Looking out of my window today, I see snow. Record breaking amounts of snow. So it’s hard to believe that spring will arrive anytime soon. Since the kids are home today – again – I will continue to hope and pray for a more consistent return to school for them.

Most of us, by this time, are frustrated with the dreariness and need either an escape to a private tropical island or, at the very least, bring into our home the feeling that spring is near. We found 17 inexpensive ways to brighten your home for spring, all for under $20!

*All prices reflect advertised pricing at the time of publication. This is not a sponsored or compensated post.

2 thoughts on “17 ways under $20 to brighten your home for spring”

  • DUSTY!! I’m thrilled and feel springier just reading this post! Also inspired as a Blogger…what a fun way to shop and blog at the same time, without spending a dime! EUREKA! Thank you for the breath of fresh air.

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