Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones Review: Will They Be This Season’s Purr-fect Gift?

Holiday Gift IdeasCrowdfunding sites are growing in numbers and are becoming a more popular way to get product ideas funded. Now, we’re seeing stores like Brookstone, the spot to find unique gifts and technology, taking a fully-funded Indiegogo project and releasing it into their stores and on their site. It seems they’ve become the purr-fect gift this holiday season for music lovers.

Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones are as fun as they are functional and are a fashion statement that many are looking to make this holiday season. We received this item for review purposes. All opinions are own and were not influenced.



What? I’m listening to music. #catearheadphones @brookstonegifts #sp

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Everything about the Cat Ear Headphones are cool, from the LED lights that illuminate to accentuate the cat ear shape to the box that they come in. Just like other headphones, you can listen to your music privately, or turn on the cat ear speakers to share your music with those around you.

We love the over-the-ear cushioning that makes a secure and comfortable fit and provides amazing sound and noise reduction. However, the headset is quite heavy, so after a short time the headphones become slightly uncomfortable.

Cat Ear Headphones from Brookstone

The Cat Ear Headphones are USB rechargeable and provide up to 5 hours of playing time per charge. This only applies to the lights because the headphones are neither wireless or Bluetooth capable, so be prepared to be plugged in if you want to enjoy your music. There is a detachable gaming boom mic so these could make gaming fun.

Cat Ear Headphones from Brookstone review

The Cat Ear Headphones do come with a nice hard case in which to store them, so they should be great for travel as they’re less likely to get damaged.

You can get the Cat Ear Headphones in blue, green, purple, or red lighting and retail for around $150 at Brookstone.

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