‘C’ is for Kukees? I know I’m for Kukees, especially for 40% off!

The hardest part about being a blogger is having to review so many great products. Oh, especially when companies send desserts or cookies – that’s the worse. Yeah, right. Once look at my muffin top will tell you, I never turn down a muffin. Or a cookie. Or any desserts, for that matter. I’m kidding! I do have some self-control, you know.

You’ve probably read about my crazy tiny kitchen. It’s nearly impossible to cook, let alone bake, so when I get the chance to cheat a little, I take the opportunity. Instead of baking friends cookies, I like to send them. Not only does it save my sanity of trying to bake in a small kitchen, but I can order a variety of desserts, such as cookies, that I’d not otherwise have the room or the time to bake. In fact, I may start to send Kukees for the holidays.

Kukees are gourmet cookies, baked goods and gifts that are so yummy and so fun! There’s a variety of flavors and, in fact, they just added new holiday flavors that include Gingerbread Chocolate, Pumpkin White Chocolate, Turtle Kukee and Cranberry Orange Zest with White Chips. Who wouldn’t want to receive those for a sweet holiday gift? Of course, there are a variety of other delicious flavors available that are delicious whether or not it’s a holiday.

Each 3oz cookie contains no preservatives and include shaved, chunked or dipped ingredients inside. You can order a box of your favorite, a half-and-half variety or order their Mix It Up box that has two of each of their original 6 flavors.

While I’m certainly not sharing my cookies with all of you (sorry, they’re just too good!), I can tell you that our friends at Kukees are offering As Mom Sees It readers a 40% off discount! That’s huge! First, visit http://www.facebook.com/OfficialKukees and sign up on the ‘Get 40% Off!’ app and a unique code will be sent to your email. Then, use the promo code at checkout and your box of Kukees will be only $29.40! That’s a savings of over $19!

You can order your customized box online. You can also follow Kukees on Twitter and on Facebook.

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