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Captain America headphones speaker

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One of Disney’s wisest investments has been the purchase of Marvel, in my opinion. Our family alone likely keeps the Disney stock going strong, between the movies and the products related to them. Since we all love music in this house, and we’re all huge Marvel fans, this week’s release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and these amazing Captain America products made our week awesome!

eKids features fun electronics that feature Disney characters on iHome’s award-winning and innovative audio products. Your kids can boogie with their favorite characters, including Minnie Mouse, Phineas & Ferb, Kermit and, of course, Captain America.

The Rechargeable Captain America Speaker from eKids is a fun mini speaker that works with any audio source. Despite it’s mini size, it has amazing sound and features a built-in rechargeable battery and has a cable for charging or connecting to an audio source. You can even connect multiple speakers for increased sound using the line-in jack!

Captain America rechargeable speaker

When your kids are on the go, they’ll love the Captain America over-the-ear headphones from eKids. I actually used these on my recent trip to Orlando with my son and I was surprised at the fun, colorful details and comfort of the cushioned headband and ear cups.

Captain America headphones

The sound is pretty amazing considering they cost only $24.99 (hello, parents – perfect for Easter!). And these babies are definitely a head turner – from both kids and adults.

These from Captain America products from eKids are certain to be one of the most popular items, especially with the popularity of the recent Marvel film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. You can purchase these and other great branded items from eKids online direct from their site.

**Update: After using the headphones just a few times, we have noticed that the rubber coating on the wire has started to break at the connection, exposing some of the wires. While not dangerous, it does lend to their inability to last, especially for kids who tend to be a bit rougher with their items.

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