Captain America: Civil War Review: Why The War’s Not Over

The action will make you feel as though your eyeballs are popping from your head, you jaw will ache from being dropped to the floor so many times, and you’re certain to leave the theater arguing with friends and family in real life and with half of the people on social media – it’s what the directors wanted.

Welcome to the aftermath of Captain America: Civil War.

#TeamCap vs #TeamIronMan
Zade Rosenthal | ©Marvel 2016

Ignore the critics who’ve already said this is not the Civil War from the comics; we know that and directors Joe and Anthony Russo know that. What Civil War does is give us nearly two-and-a-half hours – not counting the signature after-credits scene that keeps loyal fans in their seats well after the movie’s ended – of the most brilliantly choreographed fight scenes and, as director Joe Russo put it, a fracturing of the team as the Marvel Cinematic Universe moves forward.

First and foremost, Captain America: Civil War is very capable of feature a large ensemble of super-characters without feeling as though they’re trying to shove too much into one film; this was a major concern early on for fans and critics, but the story flows well and each receive ample screen time and story motivation.

As World leaders fight to control The Avengers because of the costly and deadly events that occurred in the films leading up to Civil War, a division is created between Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Captain America (Chris Evans). Iron Man believes that Sokovia Accords, which essentially allow government regulation of The Avengers, are the right thing for the super heroes; Cap is very much against the Accords, which propels the film’s Whose-Side-Are-You-On division that seems to have been hinted at long before the Accords.

Furthering the division is the action of Cap standing behind, and protecting, his old partner Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) whose history of violence leaves a bad taste in the mouths of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Additional fuel for the superhero vs. superhero event is Baron Zemo who is operating under his own agenda to destroy The Avengers.

What we thought would be most interesting heading into Infinity War,” director Joe Russo said, “would be putting these characters in the most complicated position they could possibly be in to face the greatest threat that they’re ever going to face… you’ll see some fracturing as we move forward – this Civil War isn’t over, and it’s certainly going to carry forward.

The collateral damage in Civil War is mostly contained to an airport at which much of the action, and the six-on-six epic superhero battle, takes place. The absence of city-wide destruction in no way subtracts from the excitement and, in fact, helps to concentrate the battle between The Avengers. As Captain America: Civil War is the first film of Phase 3 of the MCU, one can’t honestly believe that this is that last rift that will occur between our beloved superheroes.

Film Frame | © Marvel 2016
Film Frame | © Marvel 2016

One highlight on the big screen during Civil War is newcomer Tom Holland. He’s quickly become everyone’s favorite version of The Webbed Wonder, and we’re not the only one who love him. In our interview with the Russo brothers, they shared a mutual love for Holland.

Oh my God! We’re doing everything we can to hang onto him,” Joe said, mirroring our enthusiasm about Holland who is relatively new to the Hollywood scene.

Yeah, we’re more in love with him than anybody,” Anthony said, laughing.

Cool new hero Black Panther, who is already confirmed to have a starring role in his own Marvel film, is sexy and smooth, complete with his cat-like grace and long-distance landings. Overall, Civil War does a brilliant job of establishing new characters, a new war for our heroes, and upping the ante on the action and storyline of what has quickly become everyone’s favorite films – they’re not just for comic book fans anymore.

Film Frame | © Marvel 2016
Film Frame | © Marvel 2016

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