Carrie Fisher: A Legacy For All, An Inspiration To Me

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There are few celebrities that have made my list of “must meet” people. I have been lucky enough, because of opportunities afforded to me as a blogger, to meet quite a few celebrities, but I’m not one to get star struck. 

For me, Carrie Fisher is someone that was near the top of my bucket list. Today, I learned of her untimely death and it utterly crushed me. She wasn’t just a legacy in Hollywood, she’s been an inspiration.

Carrie Fisher bipolar quote

When I was diagnosed with bipolar disease after years of struggling, but not fully understanding my illness, I learned that the Star Wars actress also suffered from the disease. This meant something to me because she was someone who was very outspoken about the challenges she faced as someone who was bipolar. 

It wasn’t something to be ashamed of and it meant that someone who was well-recognized and accomplished dealt with the illness on a daily basis. Sometimes successfully; other times, it meant public break downs. She didn’t hide from it. She didn’t shy away from it. She spoke out about it and helped pulled away the cover that kept many of us from talking about it.

Besides being an amazing voice for those who suffered from bipolar disease, let’s not forget that Carrie Fisher was one of the first strong female role models for many of us. Her role as Princess Leia Organa wasn’t her first or last movie role, but it’s certainly the one for which she is most remembered. 

She is survived by her mother, legendary actress Debbie Reynolds, her daughter, Scream Queens star Billie Lourd, and he beloved French Bulldog, Gary. 

Carrie Fisher will be greatly missed.

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