An Interactive Celebration of Marvel Studios’ 10th Anniversary

Besides my family, I can’t think of anything I’m more grateful for then Marvel Studios.

Their first decade of amazing films started with Iron Man in 2008 and continued to break box office records through this year’s Avengers: Infinity War.  But that’s not all that Marvel Studios has in store for its fans. We can still expect the new Avengers untitled film in 2019 and now, in collaboration with Disney Movie Rewards, they’re celebrating Marvel Studios’ iconic anniversary with a new site that features special content, collectibles, a collection of 33 commemorative posters, sweepstakes, and more!

A new interactive site celebrates the first decade of Marvel Studios
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How Well Do You Know Marvel Studios?

Your first stop on the site might be their Marvel Studios trivia challenge. 

Play the Marvel Studios Challenge to test your knowledge of 10 years of Marvel films! You’ll earn points you can redeem at You can then redeem points for Marvel, Disney, or Pixar items. Or just Marvel items, because Marvel, amiright? Get a top score and you’ll earn a bonus 50 points!

Feeling competitive? I scored 4249! Let me know what you scored in the comments below!

Purchase Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Merchandise

On the new interactive site, there are also links to purchase 10th anniversary merchandise.

A 10th anniversary t-shirt, a bracelet from Wakanda, the Guardians of the Galaxy mixtape, and more – whatever your bank account will allow!

I have my eye on this Avengers: Infinity War tote bag. Also, my birthday is in August, if anyone is so inclined.

More Than A Trash Panda

Also on the celebratory site is 33 new and amazing posters that have never been seen before now. Each has a theme – More Than A Hero – and encompass the entire MCU, though not every single character is represented.

Rocket Racoon is More Than A Trash Panda in this new Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Poster

Each poster represents a Marvel hero we’ve grown to love and a tagline specific to that character. For example, Captain America’s says “More Than A Shield”, Star Lord’s says “More Than A Legendary Outlaw”, and perhaps the best of all is Rocket’s that says “More Than A Trash Panda”.

My life goal right now is to completely litter the walls of my house with every poster. Every. Single. Poster.

Check out Marvel’s new 10th Anniversary site at and let us know which feature is your favorite in the comments below!

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