10 Minute Christmas Craft: Christmas Canvas Artwork

For the first time since we’ve built our home last year, we’re hosting the entire family for the holidays. It used to be that when I’d decorate, it was our tiny, 900 sq. ft. home but this year, it’s a 2,700 sq. ft. home. Granted, I don’t have to decorate the basement or our bedrooms, so that takes some of the pressure off. I’ve tried to find ways to decorate on a budget and along the way, I’ve found some really great DIY holiday crafts like these Christmas canvas pieces!

The Christmas canvas, by far, is my favorite so far. I love the vivid colors and the fact that the whole project only took me a few bucks and around 10 minutes. You really can’t ask for much more than that in your DIY holiday decor.

A simple 10 minute craft brings a pop of color toy your walls

I found blank canvases which are available in all sizes, some Krylon Short Cuts spray paint (which are smaller, more manageable cans for smaller crafts), and some holiday phrases laser cut into wood at Michael’s. You’ll also need super glue. 

Christmas Canvas artwork supplies

A little trick I’ve found to spray painting, especially if you’ve limited space, is to find some boxes in which to spray paint your items. As a blogger, I have a seemingly endless supply of these. Spray two or three coats for a really bright color, allowing each to dry in between coats.

How to spray paint without overspray

Once dry, the only thing left to do is to apply super glue to the backs of the wood phrases or picture cutouts and apply them to the dry canvas. Allow them to dry and, for hanging them temporarily through the holidays, I use 3M Command Strips.

Completed project with spray painted canvas for Christmas

I love how these Christmas canvas look! The contrast of the painted white wood (they do come painted on one side when you buy them) against the bright red and green is amazing with the natural light we have pouring in our front door. And, it such a pretty and festive way to greet those that visit us during the holidays.

Perfect and easy craft for Christmas

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