My first attempt at a Wilton creative project #review

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Recently, I posted a blog about an opportunity with Wilton products, see original post here.

I was given an opportunity, and a few supplies to get me started, to try and make the new Wilton Pops! Sweets on a Stick. Why is this such a big deal? In the original post, I explained how, unlike many of the bloggers that are Wilton Ambassadors, I don’t bake. I know how and I’m semi-capable, I just don’t. But my attraction to this project was one of curiosity: How easy are these Wilton Pops! for someone with limited skills and patience?
As a picture is worth a thousand words:
If you can’t tell by this photo, this is a few failed Wilton Pops! thrown in my sink after a beginners tantrum. Are they that difficult? Yes. If you don’t read the directions properly.
That should have been my first step.
The Wilton Pops! book actually takes you step by step through the process from the very beginning to the very end of every project. It also offers full-color photos of examples of decorating ideas and the supplies needed.
It happens that I tried to do this particular project while taking care of a fussy baby, cooking dinner and cleaning. Multi-tasking is not recommended during this project, at least not for beginners.
This particular attempt revolved around the cake Pops! While I will tell you that my first attempt isn’t textbook perfect, I will comment to the fact that these are not impossible for the beginner. Repeat: You do not need to be a trained pastry chef to make the Wilton Pops! And there are so many cute ideas in this book that apply to all skill levels. You can even get crazy and make your own creations using the broad line of Wilton decorating kits and tools.
So what does my first attempt look like? Not perfect, but all things considered, I’m still pretty proud of them! This is the “cross-eyed cat.” I’m looking forward to when my son returns from vacation with his dad. I think these will be great fun to make with him.
So just for fun, how about a little giveaway in the spirit of creativity? I have a Wilton 12 Piece Brownie Decorating Set for one lucky As Mom Sees It Reader! Because who wants to eat plain brownies? This simple kit includes 4 tips, coupler, decorating triangle and bags.

To enter, complete the form below and submit. Open to US residents only. Winner will be chosen and contacted on 1/15.


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