How To Create Custom Party Favor Boxes And Marketing Items With zumibox!

I own two businesses. I feel like that should be a confession at an Overachiever’s Anonymous meeting rather than an announcement of pride. The work involved with one business can be overwhelming, but when you’re dividing your time between family, friends, business, and business, the math sometimes feels as though it doesn’t add up.

But, one stop at Rite Aid and I’ve got a healthy stock of office supplies and, would you believe, inexpensive marketing items?

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Zumibox DIY Marketing materials

While they’re not really meant for just marketing, zūmibox makes these amazing DIY party favor boxes, pillow packs, and more that you can design and customize in your home and print on your own ink jet printer.

zūmibox DIY custom party favor boxes

With zūmibox, you can easily create and print custom wedding favors, picture frames, gift card holders, custom promotional items, gift boxes, and more. I actually created several gift boxes for my LuLaRoe Pop Ups and I love how they add a fun, personalized touch to my in-home parties.

zumibox creator is easy to use and let's you create personalized items

The zūmibox Creator is easy to use and can even give you a 3D preview of your project as you’re working on it. Add custom text, backgrounds, photos or logos, and even QR codes that promote your business, brand, or just create something fun for a party or event.

Easily create a custom gift box with your logo

I love how our Pick A Prize Box boxes turned out and they’re sure to get party guests excited about our Pop Up events. We can also create fun favor boxes for school or sports events, birthday parties, family events, and gifts throughout the year.

In fact, with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up, imagine if your kids could make a custom gift box for mom or dad to give them their own special, homemade gift! It’s made especially easier being able to find these at my local Rite Aid in the office supply section.

What will you create using zumibox?

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