Customized Sterling Silver Jewelry With A Piece Of Your Favorite Place

My custom Dune Jewelry sterling silver necklace and ring with sand from Ireland, courtesy of Dune Jewelry! We were given this piece to facilitate our review, though all opinions are my own.

One of my favorite memories so far since my husband and I were married is our honeymoon spent in Ireland. Since we traveled along the coast around the country and into Northern Ireland, we saw many of the beautiful seaside landscapes the area has to offer. We even spent the better part of one of our days playing by the beach, despite the chilly weather. 

Thanks to Dune Jewelry, my sterling silver necklace allows me to keep some of those memories with me wherever I go, literally carrying the sand from the beach on me. With a large sand bank at their disposal, I can have a quality piece of jewelry custom made containing sand from our favorite parts of Ireland or favorite beaches from across the world.

Dune Jewelry has unique pieces custom made for everyone that wants to keep their favorite memory close

Each of the Dune Jewelry exclusive banks holds unique sand or elements collected from specific locations across the world so that your experience or moment in time can be incorporated into their jewelry & accessories.  Capture your dream destinations, travel memories, experiences, and more with a custom piece of Dune. 

My new Sterling Silver Wave Ring with sand from Inch Beach in County Kerry, Ireland goes perfectly with my necklace that I had made a few years ago before we left for our honeymoon. The entire time, I carried sand from Galway, one of the stops during our two-week excursion.

The sterling silver wave ring can feature sand from anywhere in the world, custom made for you

Dune Jewelry has a Beach Bank that holds sand from thousands of ocean, lake, and river coastlines from around the world. Bark, granite, stones, and leaves are in their Nature Bank for the nature-loving traveler. Metaphysical stones, such as the Sodalite in this necklace, are also available, and you can also choose from their Sports Bank, Golf Bank, Shell Bank, or Resorts Bank.

Dune hand makes keepsake sterling silver jewelry made with beach sand from your most cherished coastal memories.

There’s not only a ton of places from which to choose that you can add a piece of to your custom jewelry, but there are also many gorgeous designs. From bracelets and cuffs, necklaces, rings, earrings, charms, pieces for men, and other accessories.

The possibilities are endless, and each piece is unique because it holds a piece of your favorite memory.

Dune Jewelry Power Stone collection allows you to add some color to their collection with crushed Power Stones.

We’re so thrilled to partner with Dune Jewelry to give one of our lucky readers the chance to win the Dune JewelrySterling Silver Sandbar Cuff!

Win a Sterling Silver Sandbar Cuff from Dune Jewelry valued at $150!

    • .925 sterling silver
    • Small, bar-shaped settings
    • Cuff bracelet
    • Flexible, one-size-fits-most
    • Handmade with Love & Sandy Hands in the USA®
    • Photo shown is handmade with beach sand from Belfast Bay, Maine
    • Choose from sandbar, triangle, or starfish shape!

**This giveaway has ended and a winner has been contacted**

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