How Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers improved our health

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When I found out that my daughter was having issues with digestion, her doctor told us we needed to find ways to add more fiber to her diet. The word fiber doesn’t scream ‘delicious’ but the new Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers helped us maintain her fiber in a way she enjoyed.

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Being a parent is difficult, made more difficult if you have the pleasure of picky eaters in your house. Both of our kids are picky eaters; my oldest loves junk food – he’s an absolute candy hoarder – and my daughter, despite being a toddler, loves fruits and vegetables. She’d rather devour an apple than a piece of candy any day, and we love that. I figured she has to be the healthiest person in the house, but sadly this was not the case and we had no idea.

Over the summer, we discovered what we thought was a skin tag near her, well, nether region. After a recent trip to the doctor, when we realized it wasn’t going away, they had the same concerns we did. We were advised to follow up with a pediatric surgeon which worried us to our core. Thankfully, she requires no surgery; instead, we were told that because of a fiber deficiency she was having issues with her stool which caused anal fissures and a hemorrhoid.

Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers

With 3g of fiber – and a ton of other nutritional benefits – Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers make a great snack that Ella enjoys and helps me to ensure that she meets her 8g of fiber intake that’s been recommended by her doctor.

This squeezable snack is easy for the to grab on-the-go, too, so we can pack them in her diaper bag or in my purse and we’re always prepared for snack time! They’re a big hit with Ella!

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