Design, Build, Drive: Customizable Cars From Modarri

My husband spends most of his day working on cars. He doesn’t get to do much customization unless he’s working on his own car and our daughter always wants to help. Granted, at 7-years-old there isn’t much she can do, but we love that she takes interest in fixing and building cars with him.

Now with Modarri, they can both enjoy building and customizing cars with their mix and match system that allows for billions of different car designs!

Modarri lets kids completely customize their own cars by mixing and matching parts

Modarri has car kits that let kids (and adults) design, build, and drive their own auto creations. One thing we love is that the screws are all retained in the components so there’s never any lost screws. Each car can be finger-driven but with real steering and suspension mechanics.

Each piece is durable with real metal frames, heavy duty plastic, and strong mechanical linkages. Some of the pieces are actually coated with a 2-step paint that is used for automotive use so that the finish is bright and shiny, just like a real car!

Modarri lets kids design their own cars with real steering and suspension

Modarri cars are STEM-based toys that educate through open-ended play; there’s no end to the number of different configurations kids can create and multiple kits can keeps kids busy for hours. I also love that if a part breaks, Modarri will send a replacement free-of-charge; that’s how durable their pieces are meant to be.

Building cars together with Modarri

Each car even comes with a unique license plate and kids can register their car online with the help of an adult. When they register their car, they’ll get specs, coloring pages, wallpapers, and more! The kits also come with the tool they need to build their cars which help tune fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They’re much like the die-cast cars our parents used to collect but with the fun of a LEGO building set. The cars can be assembled and changed in just minutes. The price, durability, and possibilities for creativity far exceed most, if not all, of Modarri’s competitor sets.

You can find the Modarri Delux 3 pack set ($54.99) and the Delux Muscle Car set ($24.99) like we have on Amazon. We received these sets from Modarri to facilitate our review, though the brand did not influence our honest review.

For ages: 6+
Who makes it? Modarri
How much? Kits start at $24.99

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