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Cool new technology used to accessible only to those that were geek enough to understand it or rich enough to afford it. I can remember what a huge deal it was when we realized we made the right decision between Beta and VHS, or when we purchased our first DVD player. I’ve grown into quite the tech geek and I’m happy to say that the kids are following in my footsteps. The next best technology is no longer difficult to obtain and is accessible to every age group and income bracket.

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Minnie Mouse headphonesThe kids especially love when we can combine our love for Disney and our love for technology. Ella not only loves her Minnie Mouse headphones, but she looks adorable with them! Your little Minnie Mouse fan can dance around the house to her favorite tunes with these super cute adjustable headphones.

The charming bow at the top, which can easily snap on or off depending on her preference and comfort, makes your little girl look just like Minnie! The built-in volume limiter makes listening safe for little mouse ears. And, for only $20, they’re a great gift or a perk for any road trip.

If Minnie Mouse isn’t for your child, there is also a collection of other kid-friendly headphone designs including Phineas & Ferb, Cinderella, Princess, and Cars.

There’s more for your Disney-loving family, too! Maybe a Kermit the from MP3 Player or Minnie Mouse iPod alarm clock? A Perry the Platypus rechargeable speaker or Jack Skellington Rechargeable Character Speaker.

You can find these fun kid-friendly products online from eKids.

About eKids

eKids, a distributor of cutting edge electronics in collaboration with Disney & iHome, now brings your favorite Disney characters to life on iHome’s award-winning and innovative audio products. We combined state-of-the-art technology developed by iHome with preeminent Disney characters such as Minnie Mouse, Phineas & Ferb, Kermit and Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas. The result is a line of fashion forward speaker systems, alarm clocks, headphones, ear buds and iPod and mp3 docks that appeal to Trendsetters of all ages looking for quality electronics featuring iconic characters they love.

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