Disney Channel’s Jessie Ends, But Our Favorite Stars In A New Series #BunkdEvent

Fans of Disney Channel’s Jessie may be sad to learn that the show is ending after its 4th season, which premiered in January. But don’t despair fans; this July 31st is the premier of a new spinoff show with a few of our favorite Jessie favorites called Bunk’d!

The new series stars Karan Brar, Skai Jackson and Peyton List returning as the characters from Jessie. Joining these returning favorites are Nina Lu, Miranda May and Kevin Quinn. Cameron Boyce will not be returning as one of the Ross kids as he’s now moved to his new show on Disney XD, Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Everything.

Bunk'd cast members Peyton List and Miranda May

We know, change is hard. But, while in LA last month, we were able to meet with the cast of Bunk’d and screen the first episode. Trust us, you’ll love it. And the cast was so fun and friendly so it’s not hard to see why they’re so in-demand by Disney and their fans.

Bunk'd cast members Karan Brar and Kevin Quinn

About Disney Channel’s Bunk’d

The Ross kids (minus one) leave New York to head to Camp Kikiwaka, the same camp where their parents met when they were kids. Emma and Ravi are Counselors In Training. Zuri, Tiffani and Jorge are a few of the campers and their personalities could be more different. 

Bunk'd cast members Nathan Arenas, Skai Jackson and Nina Lu

While visiting the set of Bunk’d, we had a chance to chat with a few of the show’s stars, including Karan and Kevin who play Ravi and Xander, respectively.

Q & A With The Cast Of Disney Channel’s Bunk’d

Q: Are there any ways in which you relate to the characters you play?

Karan: “I think, for Ravi, he’s this very upbeat kid who’s gone through this phase where he was like “I want to be like someone else, I want to blend in” but now he’s like, “I love being who I am and into the rules” and stuff and that’s really cool. I’m kind of the same way. I went through that phase where I wanted to be like one of the cool kids but now I sort of embrace that weird side that I have.”

Kevin: “There are two really interesting ways in which I relate to my character. First, my character loves music and I love music myself – he plays the guitar…”

Karan: “Kevin plays the guitar.”

Kevin: “I’m getting better. But, he has a really strong bond with music. And the second way is that he’s very charasmatic. He always wants to have a good time and he always has a smile on his face. Even when he’s not feeling it, he will always try his best to be happy around other people. That’s something I relate to a lot because I always, you know, I’m my best self and I put a smile on my face every morning.”


Miranda: “For me, Lou is from the country, and I’m actually from the country parts of Ohio. So, for me to be able to pull that country side of me out, I love that – and it’s definitely there.” 

Peyton: “It’s funny because I’m also from New York, so I have that in relation to my character. And I also love fashion, too, in real life just like my character. I also have lots of siblings. I have a twin brother and a little brother who’s 10.”


When asked who is the one person they’d love to have guest star, both Miranda and Peyton said they’d LOVE to have Taylor Swift on set. Help them get Taylor’s attention! RT for them!



Q: What’s your favorite part of being involved in the show?

Kevin: “My favorite part of being involved with the show is the rehearsals. You would think that rehearsing would get tiring after a while, but you’re constantly discovering things througout the scene and about your character. Rehearsal time is really about delving into your character and making it the way you want to make it.” 

Karan: “I definitely agree and I think it’s the friendships and how much you get to learn. What I think is the cool experience is that, especially on this channel, you get to break the boundaries and you’re not treated just as a kid.”


Karan and Kevin shared with us that, when they have a desire to learn how to direct or produce, the team at Disney Channel is very encouraging and even the writing team invites them to the writer’s room to learn more about the process that goes into each show. If they have interest in learning how to direct or to shadow a producer, they say that the Disney Channel team has been completely open to their learning the process, calling it their “four years of Comedy College.”


Q: What’s the most difficult part of your day each day?

Karan: “I don’t feel like there’s really a hard part to our day. I think what’s interesting is that tactically, so-to-speak, we have such interesting sets – like we may have to shoot in water or sometimes we’re in a tree or in the middle of a big storm – it’s fun because you’re thinking about 3 different things at once. You’re semi-multitasking, like you moms do, as well, like every second of your day.”

Kevin: “He’s right in that, it’s not necessarily a ‘hard part’ of the day; we all love what we’re doing here and if you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. I think it’s important to realize that, while there are tactical moments, we have to be completely focused and multitask, we’re constantly learning and that’s the benefit of the whole thing.”

Karan quickly spotted our Descendants totes we received when we screened the movie and said he was jealous; they’ve not yet screened the movie and their excitement for their friend, Cameron Boyce’s, success was palpable and absolutely adorable. 

It’s not hard to see that this cast is supportive of each other and really had visible respect for each other.

Peyton: “We get to know each other so well because we spend so much time together on set – I mean, 5 days a week we spend together – so it becomes like a real family. We also do school together and everything.”

Did you know that Miranda is a HUGE Lucille Ball fan? Lucille is the reason she started acting.


Q: How is it transitioning from one show to the next?

Peyton: “You know, it actually feels like a completely new show. Even though I have Skai and Karan on the show, we’re shooting on the same soundstage as we did Jesse and we have a lot of the same crew, but it’s all new sets and all new story lines and Emma has been humbled a lot since Jesse; she’s not as uptight about things.”

You can catch Disney Channel’s new series, Bunk’d, premiering July 31st after the new movie Descendants.

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