Fun #DisneyFrozen hidden Easter eggs! #DisneyFrozenEvent

Part of the fun of some of our favorite movies is seeing the hidden tricks, or Easter eggs, throughout. The multiple references to the movie The Shining in the Toy Story trilogy, the cups of coffee in Fight Club, even Donald Duck, Mickey and Goofy showing up at King Triton’s entrance in The Little Mermaid. Disney is especially clever with theirs and they have a history of sneaking in those famous ears whenever they can.

We’ve a few fun Easter eggs that we’re sharing today that can be found in the new Disney feature, Frozen. It’s in theaters now so go see it and be sure to look for these!

Disney Frozen Easter eggsSo many interesting characters attend Elsa’s coronation and that includes characters from other Disney movies. From Tangled, Eugene Fitzherbert (aka Flynn Rider) and Rapunzel even made the guest list!

Disney Frozen Easter eggs

Anna loves chocolate (psh, who doesn’t?) and her affinity for the sweets allows her to enjoy treats all the way from the land of Sugar Rush in Wreck-It Ralph. Of course, it’s no coincidence that many of the animation team members that created Frozen were also fellow team members on Wreck-It Ralph.

Disney Frozen Easter eggs
Artist Lisa Keene’s painting—completed during the development phase of “Tangled” and based on “The Swing” by Jean-Honoré Fragonard—made such an impression on “Frozen” filmmakers, it became part of Anna’s signature song, “For the First Time in Forever,” when she leaps into the air and mimics the painting’s pose.

Disney Frozen Easter eggs
Disney Frozen Easter eggs
Disney’s famous icon makes the quickest of cameos in “Frozen.” A small Mickey Mouse plush sits on one of the lower shelves in Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna. (For a better peek, click on the photo above for a larger version).

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