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The popularity of Disney’s Frozen is stronger than ever now that Frozen is on Blu-Ray and DVD, and the excitement for the movie and movie-related items isn’t likely to die down any time soon. In our house, dress up time consists of fights over who will be Ana and who will be Elsa. At bed time, we have to make sure that we have our Ana and Elsa dolls and during the day, it’s spontaneous karaoke time!

Parents of kids of all ages aren’t immune to the phenomenon that is Disney’s Frozen. I attended the world premier of Frozen and I knew as soon as I saw it that it was going to resonate with kids, especially little girls. My little one has been no exception, so when she was able to try out some of the new Frozen items from Jakks Pacific, she was hooked!

Frozen toys
Frozen Ana and Elsa Dresses

Since Ella got her Princess Ana dress, we’ve had several of our own dress up sessions and we’ve had a few requests from her friends to borrow the dress because the details look so much like the dresses from the movie. The Anna costume has a satiny skirt with glittery flowers. The dress’s bodice is decorated with a beautiful glitter design and cameo of Anna! The Elsa costume has a multi-layer skirt with glittery snowflakes. The dress’s bodice is decorated with a beautiful glitter design and cameo of Elsa! Kids will love the dress because it has no buttons or zippers so they can easily get this dress on and off without Mom’s help.

Frozen toys
Frozen Ana and Elsa Dolls

These 6″ Ana and Elsa dolls are so cute! They’re the movie’s child version of the characters and Ella’s new Elsa doll even came with a little Olaf and a comb so she can brush her hair. I wonder if she wasn’t more excited about Olaf since it’s her favorite character!

Frozen toys
Don’t worry if Ana is your child’s favorite; the Ana doll also comes with her own summer version of Olaf!

Frozen toys
You can pretend to hate this toy, but we know you’ll love singing “Let It Go” into this musical snow wand! How do I know? Because I do it all the time, even when the kids aren’t home 🙂 It features an Elsa figurine inside of the mini snow globe which sits atop of the beautiful wand that plays a snippet of the popular song from the movie.

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