A personal tour of Walt Disney Studios! #SavingMrBanks #MaryPoppins

This review is in no way financially compensated. My activities, travel and accommodations were provided by Disney for the premier event.

This month, I was given the opportunity that many don’t get to experience – a behind the scenes tour of Walt Disney Animation Studios! I took so many photos I couldn’t fit them all in one post and I was so excited to share with you guys the things I saw that truly were Disney magic.

This amazing opportunity was centered around the world premier of Disney’s Frozen, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Mary Poppins (on Blu-Ray now!) and an advanced screening of Saving Mr. Banks, the story of the how the now beloved Mary Poppins became a Disney classic.

In theaters December 20th, Saving Mr. Banks is the story of the real Mary Poppins, how she was part of author’s PL Travers’ family and how Mary Poppins became a part of all of our families. It’s such a heartwarming and amusing story that’s sure to become another Disney classic! It’s also now a part of the history at Disney Animation Studios and I was thrilled to have experienced it first hand!

7 Dwarfs Building Disney Studios Tour
One of my favorite buildings on the tour is the Michael D. Eisner Building, often called the 7 Dwarfs building. It’s the location of the offices of much of the senior management – CEOs, Chairmans – it pays homage to the very film that allowed Walt Disney to fund the Burbank lot. I’m so glad I was able to see it at night because the way they have it lit and the details in the carvings make the entire building feel magical!

Disney Studios Tour Water Tour
Though the tower no longer holds water, it’s still an integral and memorable landmark of the studios. I believe that our tour guide shared with us that it was Roy Disney, Walt’s father, that said that the water tower would look better, more aesthetically appealing with 6 legs instead of 4.

Disney Studios Tour Mickey street sign
One needs never to be lost at Disney Studios Burbank. I loved the 1950s look of this sign featuring our favorite mouse and a few important offices for any animation studio. Who wouldn’t want this in their house or yard? (No, it wouldn’t fit in my pocket – I measured)

When you watch Saving Mr. Banks, in theaters this month, you’ll see when the team meets PL Travers, the author of Mary Poppins, at Stage A at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank. We were able to see Stage A and stand outside of it’s very doors.

Disney Studios TourTwo of Walt Disney Studios most famous stages are Stage 1 and Stage 2, now dedicated to Mouseketeer Annette Funicello and Mary Poppins’ Julie Andrews. Stage 1 is where segments of Fantasia and The Mickey Mouse Club. Stage 2 was used to build a few Disneyland attractions and the filming of Mary Poppins and The Princess Diaries.

There were so many amazing photos from my tour of Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank and I’d love to share them with you! Check out our Pinterest board as we add more picture from my tour!

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