DIY 3D Christmas Tree Ornament Craft

This DIY Christmas tree ornament craft is so easy,  it doesn’t take a lot of time, and is totally customizable. One of our favorite Christmas traditions is giving each family member a new ornament for the tree, and these are easy enough that we can make one for each of our family members.

3D Holiday Ornaments

DIY 3D Christmas Ornaments


Many of these items I already had on hand because of other crafts I’ve worked on. If you don’t have these items, you can find all of them at your local craft store; I tend to prefer Michael’s.

Supplies for the 3D ornaments

I love Krylon Short Cuts because they’re smaller cans of spray paint. I have a ton of colors, including these Christmas themed colors. However, for this particular craft, I wanted to use their gold Short Cuts spray paint for a fun pop and sparkle. I also found plain cardboard ornaments as well as these more ornate, thin wooden ornaments. Those are the ones I spray painted.

Spray paint wood ornaments

The round wooden ornaments were covered in pieces of scrapbook paper. You can choose solid colors or patterned ones; I prefer the patterned ones for, again, a fun pop of color. Also, a little tip, I placed the wooden pieces in a small cardboard box so that overspray wouldn’t get all over. It makes less mess that way, trust me.

Cover the ornament with paper

Before putting the paper on the cardboard, make sure to cover it in découpage. I’m using the Martha Stewart brand with the glitter finish.

Decoupage the paper over the cardboard ornament

Once the paper is placed on the cardboard ornament, use an Exacto knife to trim the edges. Then use the découpage to cover the paper. This is why I prefer the glitter finish Martha Stewart brand. It has a slight sparkle when it dries and looks very pretty when the light hits it!

DIY 3D Christmas Ornaments


Once the découpage is dry and the spray paint is dry, you can super glue the wooden ornament onto the cardboard ornament and you’re done! There’s so many color variations and they make great gifts, look beautiful on the tree, or look amazing as a gift topper.

DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments that are rustic and colorful

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