DIY Wedding: Instagram Table Photo Frame

DIY Wedding

I love these super easy DIY wedding Instagram frames for reception tables! They let your guests know to use your hashtag when posting photos and cost less than $1.50 each to make!

First, assemble your supplies, all of which are listed below.

DIY Wedding Instagram Frame
I chose a frame that was suggested to me by Michaels; it’s the ArtMinds unfinished wood frame and more closely resembles the Instagram logo than any other I was able to find. Best part? It’s only $1.00! You’ll also need a few bottles of paint, but no worries because they’re quite inexpensive at only $.69 per bottle of color. I used Craft Smart Acrylic Paint because it dries quickly; Chocolate Brown, Vanilla, Bright Yellow, Apple Tart, Tuscan Red and Turquoise are the colors that we’ll use. I also used a small paint brush and a couple of sponge brushes.

DIY Instagram Frame
Start by using a straight edge to draw a line across the frame near the top. Use a picture of the Instagram logo for reference as you work; it makes assigning color location and line drawing much easier. Then draw a line close to the left edge where the colors start, and where the colors will end. You might also start to draw lines to separate where the rainbow of color bands will be. (Again, reference the logo).

DIY Wedding
Using your sponge brush, paint below the line with the Vanilla colored paint. Allow to dry 5-10 minutes between coats and apply about 3 coats. Do the same with the Chocolate Brown above the line.

DIY Wedding
Using your small detail brush or brushes, paint each stripe with the corresponding color according to the Instagram logo. This does not have to be perfect!. But, apply a heavier coat so that the color is vibrant. If you’re worried about crooked lines with your stripes, you can take a black Sharpie or permanent marker to draw a sharp line in between each color and across the bottom.

DIY Wedding
Let your paint dry and you’re done! Because the bottles of paint could potentially be used to paint 5 or more frames, and each frame costs $1.00, each frame has a total costs of around $1.50 or less! If you’re really creative, you can use the black and cream paint to add the photo lens in the upper right hand corner, or just keep it simple as I did. This one frame took less than half an hour from start to finish!


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