Exclusive Interview With Doctor Strange’s Benedict Wong: Why He Felt The Role Was His Birthright #DoctorStrangeEvent

Actor Benedict Wong was born just 30 minutes from where 3 of 4 The Beatles band members were born. I know this because I had to Google it; his accent sounded to me like he might be from that area and as a huge Beatles fan, I found it rather interesting.

I also found it interesting that Wong has appeared in four films space-themed movies. Now, he’s starring in one blockbuster Marvel film, as well. Benedict Wong stars as Master Wong, a glorified librarian and trusted disciple of The Ancient One in Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

Actor Benedict Wong, who plays Wong in Marvel's Doctor Strange
Actor Benedict Wong, walking into a room of 25 of his newest fans, clapping during his entrance.

I’m very thrilled to be a part of this incredible cast,” Wong said. “This magnitude of Marvel! We’re really embarking on this incredible journey together. For me, I just feel just really ecstatic.

For anyone walking onto a Marvel set, no matter how seasoned the actor, has to be an overwhelming and surreal experience.

When we came back in LA, we did a bit of additional photography,” Wong explained. “I was just looking over incredible costumes as we were going to walk into Santorum again. I just thought, ‘Ah, this is just’ – sometimes, they’re just beautiful moments and you just get that warm, fuzzy feeling. I just thought, it’s culminated into something really wonderful and a sort of a mixture of childhood dreams being part of the Marvel Universe. Yeah, I was thrilled.

Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE Master Wong (Benedict Wong) Photo Credit: Jay Maidment ©2016 Marvel. All Rights Reserved.
Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE  |  Master Wong (Benedict Wong)  |  Photo Credit: Jay Maidment
©2016 Marvel. All Rights Reserved.

For Wong, the process of going from Kublai Khan on TV’s Marco Polo to the iconic ‘Wong’ in Marvel’s Doctor Strange was a journey that followed, literally, around the globe.

I was filming for several months for Marco Polo so I was kind of traveling around the world,” Wong said. “And then I was auditioning in Budapest and sending tapes from Slovakia, and then I found out in Malaysia and so I was always making these calls. It was like I was from a different world; I finished that and then I flew back to London, dumped my bags, and was picked up an hour later straight in.

Benedict Wong from Marvel's Doctor Strange, discusses how he got the role of Master Wong

Unlike many of the newer comics fans that the MCU seems to have developed and encouraged, Benedict Wong has been a long time Marvel comics fan.

I use to collect a lot of Marvel Comics,” Wong said, smiling. “I was always a big sort of Spider-Man fan. My sort of my 3 go-to comics were “Amazing Spider-Man”, Spectacular Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man,  of which I’ve got the #1 copy, which I’m thrilled about and you’d often read and then it would sort of be like a little subheading of, you know, ‘Go see Fantastic Four’ , but I could never afford them.”

Die hard comic fans can certainly relate to the addiction of wanting to immerse themselves into the animated world of Marvel comics, all the while doing so on limited funds. Though much of time was admittedly spent with his nose in the world of Spider-Man, he says he didn’t really know that much about Doctor Strange when began this project.

Click below to hear Benedict Wong talk about how his involvement in Marvel’s Doctor Strange began!

The character of Master Wong in Marvel’s Doctor Strange is, rather simply put, not a comedic one by any stretch of the imagination. He’s sort of the straight man to Doctor Strange’s funny man. But there are moments, albeit brief, when Wong’s sliver of comedic timing shines through. We asked Benedict Wong to which character does he more closely identify.

Q: Are you listening to more Beyonce now?

Benedict Wong: Just only in my quiet place.

I’m a little bit of a goofball really, like a serious goofball. I think they’ve kind of got a very interesting relationship,” he says of the dynamic between Wong and Doctor Strange. “They’re a little bit chalk and cheese, aren’t they? The odd couple. And, as much as he’s got these incredible mystical powers, I think he’s also there to put in check and help him guide Strange through this crazy multiverse that we’re about to encounter, I think.

You can see Benedict Wong as Wong in Marvel’s Doctor Strange,
now in theaters!

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