Don’t Miss Special Moments With Your Kids When You Travel #MyHomeTeam

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One of the most exciting benefits of being a blogger is when I get to travel. I’ve traveled more since becoming a blogger than I have my entire life. I love to travel and I love when I have the opportunity to take my kids with me. The hardest part of my job is when they’re unable to attend events with me.

I hate to miss my kids when I'm out of town

I’m lucky because my kids, 16-years-old and 5-years-old, have an amazing support system, but I miss them nonetheless. When I am out of town at an event or conference, I miss reading my daughter her bedtime story or playing a game with my son before bed. But with an app like HomeTeam, I’m connected with my kids no matter where I travel.

HomeTeam is a great new app that helps families stay connected

HomeTeam is a new app that allows families to easily connect with one another, whether it’s through reading books, playing games, or just video chatting with each other. It’s a great way to relieve that guilt when you can’t be there and it’s a great way for kids to interact with friends or family members who are far away.

Read with your kids before they go to bed with HomeTeam

HomeTeam offers unlimited video chat, a multitude of books that you can read together, including a ton of Disney stories, and fun games to play with each other.

Imagine not only being able to see your kids when you say good night, but being able to read with them or play a game with them, all while truly interacting, before they go to bed, thanks to HomeTeam.

If you’d like to try HomeTeam with your family, you can get the first-month free with an exclusive trial. After the trial, HomeTeam is only $8.95/month. You can Download on Android or Download on iOS.

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