Don’t Sweat It This Summer: Target Essentials To Keep You Cool #TargetRun

This is a sponsored post for Target on behalf of Mode Media.
When the kids celebrate their last day of school, we hit Target. When we have friends over for a barbecue, we hit Target. When we celebrate holidays with family and friends and need the essentials, we hit Target. I often joke that I will walk into Target for lip gloss and a candle and walk out with enough stuff to redecorate my whole house and stock my pantry.

That statement, however, isn’t far from the truth.

Since we built our new house this year, we’ve been waiting to start work on the gardens and the yard, so much of our time is spent outside. We have no trees yet, so there’s little shade but plenty of heat and sun. So this summer, our Target essentials are whatever we can find that keeps our family cool.

Target essentials

Don’t Sweat It! Target Essentials For Summer Keep You Cool

Look at these two, would ya? Eating my ice cream bars from Target. Luckily, the price was a steal, so I don’t mind sharing. At the end of the day – a hard working, overheated kind of day – we like to grab our chairs, sit by the butterfly garden where we can hear the song birds and hummingbirds, watch the sun set, and eat our favorite frozen treats.

target essentials

Not only does Target have delicious frozen goods to cool you off after a long, hot day but they also have sunscreen to protect you while you work – or in the kids’ case, play – throughout a tough day. The Target up&up brand rivals any brand name in quality but beats them in price. I also love their Peanuts theme on some of their products and in their summer essentials section.

target essentials


Target summer essentials – from beach balls to beach towels, from wading pools to pool toys – not only keep our family cool, but they keep happy faces like this on our kids’ faces. We don’t just stop at Target for fun toys and sunscreen; we might just walk out with the bathing suit that becomes her favorite for years to come.

What’s your #TargetRun essentials for summertime?


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