Dune Jewelry Review: The Most Unique Gift You’ll Give

While I don’t usually get excited about jewelry, there have been a few pieces that have become the exception to that. I don’t usually wear jewelry. In fact, while I was engaged – and a couple times after we were married – I would misplace my ring because I wasn’t used to wearing it. But, it means a great deal to me, so I’ve become far better at remembering to wear it.

I’ve recently added another piece to my daily wear because it’s become my favorite, as well. My heart-shaped Sand Jewel Necklace from Dune Jewelry is a gorgeous, delicate piece filled with sand. Yes, sand. 

I was given the heart shaped necklace from Dune Jewelry to facilitate my review; all opinions are my own and were not influenced.

Dune Jewelry made from sand from your favorite locations

I know, it sounds odd to be wearing sand around my neck. But, this summer, my husband and I will travel to Ireland for the first time and we’ll tour all around the country. The sand in my necklace actually has sand from Ireland; the beaches of Galway, to be exact. One of the places I’m most looking forward to seeing.

Dune Jewelry uses sand from your favorite beach, trail, ballpark, golf course & more to create a unique line of collectible jewelry that captures your favorite memories. Imagine carrying with you sand from the very place your husband proposed, or from where your daughter pitched her first no-hitter.

Jewelry that contains the sand from your favorite places in the world

The studios at Dune Jewelry have talented Sand Artists who use the highest quality materials from around the globe and their designs are patented. Every piece is handmade to order and you can choose from their existing Dune Jewelry, or you can Dune Jewelry for a truly one of a kind piece.

I’m definitely looking forward to sending in sand from our trip around Ireland and even sending in extra sand for them to bank for others looking to carry with them memories of, or dreams of traveling to, Ireland.

Dune Jewelry is the most unique gift you'll give

I so love my Dune Jewelry necklace and the meaning behind it. The have a ton of designs from which to choose, including necklaces, rings, earrings, cuffs, and even items for men. And, you can choose sand from over 2800 beach sands from around the world. With Dune Jewelry’s Sandbank you have a choice of thousands of sands/locations worldwide, spanning all 7 continents.

All of Dune Jewelry’s items have a lifetime warranty, come with care instructions and literature that indicates the source of the sand. And, you’ll be delighted to learn that each quarter, Dune Jewelry donates a portion of every purchase made online to various coastal preservation organizations.

Our new friends at Dune Jewelry are giving one very lucky As Mom Sees It follower a Dune Jewelry necklace of their own! Our winner can choose from the heart, starfish, diamond or round design necklace with their choice of sand!

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