Easter Candy Bark Recipe

Whether it’s leftover candy from Easter (wait – is that really a thing?!) or, if you’re like me, you’ve slowly smuggled it from your kids’ baskets to keep them from overeating, what do you do with extra Easter candy?

One thing I love about Easter candy is that it’s so pretty! Most of it is decorated or dyed in pastel colors. There’s such a delicious variety, too, and who really wants to let all that go to waste? That’s why we created this versatile, beautiful, and crazy delicious Easter Candy Bark recipe!

This candy bark uses leftover Easter candy for a pretty spring flair

Easter Candy Bark Recipe

Prepare a baking sheet by lining it with parchment paper. To make it stay in place when you pour the chocolate on it, I like to stack another baking pan on top of it to reinforce the creases. 

Line your pan with parchment paper to keep your candy bark from sticking

If you don’t have a chocolate melter or a double boiler, use a dutch oven or large sauce pan. Fill it with water and set the heat to medium-low. I put a glass bowl in the water (because glass holds temperatures more evenly) and make sure the water isn’t too full as to spill into the glass bowl.

Melting chocolate for your Easter candy bark is done more easily in a double boiler.

Pour two bags of white chocolate chips or 6 large white chocolate candy bars into the glass bowl. While the chocolate is melting, stir occasionally. Choose your favorite candies to include in your Easter Candy Bark. Or, choose all of it. Listen – no one is judging.

Add Your Easter Candy

I chose the very pretty pastel colored M&Ms which are always on the shelves for Easter. I had a few pastel colored sprinkles in my cupboard, too.

Choose a variety of candy and sprinkles in bright colors for your Easter candy bark.

Once the white chocolate is completely melted, pour onto baking sheet with parchment paper until baking sheet is covered with layer.

It doesn’t have to be perfect or pretty. Just poor it in and make sure that’s it’s evenly spread throughout the pan.

One the chocolate is melted, lay the base for your Easter Candy Bark.

Once it’s evenly spread, sprinkle in the M&Ms and sprinkles. You might also add crushed candy Easter eggs or Oreos for extra chocolate flavor.

Place in freezer until set about 15-25 minutes. Break apart and enjoy! By the way, this looks really pretty displayed next to our DIY Twine Carrots you can also make for Easter!

This candy bark uses leftover Easter candy for a pretty spring flair

Easter Candy Bark
Deliciously sweet and decadently pretty - perfect for Easter!
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  1. 2 bags or 6 large bars of white chocolate
  2. Pastel colored/Easter M&Ms
  3. Your favorite holiday or pastel sprinkles
  4. Crushed Mini Chocolate Easter Eggs, Oreos or other favorite candies
  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Melt white chocolate on the stove, stirring frequently.
  3. While chocolate is melting, crush mini Easter Eggs or Oreos in a bowl.
  4. Once white chocolate is melted, pour onto baking sheet with parchment paper (until baking sheet is covered with layer).
  5. Sprinkle in the crushed candy or cookies and top with M&Ms and sprinkles.
  6. Place in freezer until set (about 15-25 minutes).
  7. Break apart and enjoy!
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This candy bark uses leftover Easter candy for a pretty spring flair

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