How To Find Jewelry That Is Stunning And Affordable!

Every time I show off my new Leafael jewelry, I feel like an infomercial. “How much would you expect to pay for a beautiful piece of jewelry like this? $100? $200? NO!”

I love wearing jewelry for special occasions, but I don’t like spending a fortune for it. I feel guilty if I take it off and leave it somewhere (which I’ve done) or if I get sick of one particular piece and want to change it up (which I do). But with Leafael, I never have to feel guilty for what I spend because I never spend that much!

Leafael makes beautiful jewelry that is inexpensive

What you do get with Leafael are unique pieces that well-made and don’t cost a fortune. The two pieces pictured above are the Ocean Bubble and the Wishstone – both necklaces are under $40 each and come in an understated but pretty gift box with a matching set of earrings.

Leafael jewelry should be in your jewelry box. Each piece is under $40

The Ocean Bubble is my favorite because, whether they realize it or not, there’s a sort of “Hidden Mickey” on the earrings and necklace. And, as a HUGE Disney fan, that was the first thing I noticed.

I also love the bright colors, the white gold plated silver-tone alloy chain, and the fact that their collections are made with the finest quality and authentic crystals from Swarovski. The colors are SO VIVID on this collection, too. Montana Blue, Peridot Green, Tanzanite Purple, White Opal, Crystal Vitrail Light, and Clear White.

Why Leafael Is Different

Also known as Austrian Crystal, Swarovski Crystals are glittering crystals that shimmer with the slightest movement and sparkle even in the lowest light settings. They’re perfect for all occasions, including dinner parties, dates, weddings, anniversaries, and bridal events. They also make the perfect gift for the holidays.

Leafael Jewelry is nickel, lead, and allergy-free. I usually find that, with my very sensitive skin, some of the “cheap” pieces that I usually wear must be taken off by the end of the day or event to which I wear them because of irritation. I’ve not yet experienced that with Leafael, which makes me love them even more!

The Leafael Wishstone necklace and earring set makes a great gift for the holidays

Did You Know?

Leafael Jewelry also prides themselves on meeting strict health standards and also try to protect vulnerable regions of the planet by using material that is environmentally friendly for their jewelry. Even their name, Leafael, spells the word “Leaf” both forwards and backwards!

Thinking of gifting their pieces for the holidays? Each Leafael Jewelry piece is packed with exclusively elegant white, silver-embossed jewelry gift box. And, every Leafael Jewelry piece comes with a Lifetime Money Back and Replacement Guarantee with regular use and wear. If something is ever wrong with one of your cherished pieces they promise to make it right.

Check out Leafael Jewelry and let me know which piece is your favorite!

Thanks to our friends at Leafael, we’re giving away one of these two sets! Just enter below and good luck!

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