Five Reasons Why My Kelly Moore Bag Kicks Your Bag In The Straps

Camera bags are just like any other fashion accessory; they have to be cute, stylish, and preferably last a long time. Or, at the very least, until I see another that I just have to have. I’ve owned quite a few camera bags since I started blogging nearly 6 years ago. Like my blog, my cameras have evolved. I started with a point-and-shoot, moved to a DSLR, moved to a more capable DSLR, and now, I’ve a few favorite lenses that I must carry everywhere.

I made the mistake of purchasing a “popular” leather camera bag, as many others did. And, like many others, I had the same complaints – the leather would easily wear off, their iconic bag accessory would lose it’s “shine”, and the straps began to wear far sooner than they should have. Now, I have a Kelly Moore bag. I see what the fuss is about. My bag kicks your non-Kelly Moore bag in the straps, and here’s 5 reason why.

5 reasons my Kelly Moore Camera Bag kicks your bag in the straps

Kelly Moore Bags Are Durable

I received this bag last month and it’s already been on 4 plane rides, in two different hotel rooms, numerous shops, down by the ocean, and in a surrey. There’s been no sign of wear like I experienced quickly with my other bag and it wipes easily (because we all secretly know what’s touched those airplane floors and airport bathrooms).

Kelly Moore Bags Are Fun And Stylish

The colors in which Kelly Moore bags are available are rich and plenty, their various styles make it easy for any photographer of any level fall in love, and they even have a leather collection, a canvas collection, and a few amazing bags for the boys.

You can use her bags as camera bags, your everyday bag, your laptop and books bag, or to fashionably store all the things you need for your day trip or a trip with baby.

Kelly Moore bags are multifunctional

Kelly Moore Bags Are Affordable

I’ve seen some bags that have cost more than my camera AND all of its lenses. I’ve also paid a pretty penny and regretted my decision as fast as the “leather” would peel. 

I mean, if that weren’t enough, you can save 20% by using the promo code 20now.

Kelly Moore Knows What You Want

Kelly Moore is a real person who really knows how to design bags. She has been a photographer for over 17 years so she knows how gear gets carried and how to carry it comfortably so it all fits.

The compartments of a Kelly Moore bag can be removed or moved to fit your gear as you need it. In my Kelly Moore Libby bag, I can fit my Nikon DSLR, three or four lenses, my Beats, a few chargers, my phone, my laptop… probably more if I tried. And, I have received so many compliments!

The compartments of a Kelly Moore bag can be adjusted

Kelly Moore Bags Aren’t Just For Photographers

Don’t think that you have to be a photographer to love or carry Kelly Moore bags. Are you a mom, or a student, or a fashion maven, or just someone who appreciates a durable, pretty, and multi-use bag? Good. Kelly Moore will work for what you need. They quickly become your personal organizer so that no matter where you go, you have everything you need.

Kelly has included features like removable baskets, adjustable dividers, lots of pockets, the option to wear any bag messenger style, so trust me when I tell you, this may be the last bag you buy for any reason… unless it’s to get another Kelly Moore bag!

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I received my Kelly Moore bag to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own and were not influenced.

I love Kelly Moore bags and I don't care who knows it

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