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flower power
If it’s a plant or a flower or tree, I’m likely to kill it. And quickly. I do not have a green thumb, but I love having plants and I find that my front porch has far more curb appeal if it’s adorned with plants and flowers. Preferably ones that aren’t dead and to replace ones I’ve killed quickly becomes an expensive habit. I needed help and I found it with a little technological Flower Power.

flower power
I love this product and believe it can benefit people just like me. People who can’t save a plant to save their life.

How Parrot Flower Power Works

The Parrot Flower Power is a plant insert that works with an app on your iPhone or Android phone that let’s you know how your plants are doing, even when you’ve forgotten them. You can even have multiple sensors in one app, but we started with just one. Setup is done in 3 easy steps:

  • Insert the battery and check the LED on the device
  • Insert device into your pot or soil. Make sure it’s visible and not hidden under leaves.
  • Parrot Flower Power is ready to monitor your plant and will sync data with your app. The app alerts you when your plant requires attention.

flower power

The app monitors your plant’s water levels, the sunlight to which it’s exposed, the soil moisture, and fertilizer levels. Your notifications and needs are customized depending on the plant for which you use Flower Power as indicated on your app. I have mine in my Petunias and, as you can see above, my water level was low when I took my live readings on this day. By the next day, I received this notification on my phone…

flower power

Parrot Flower Power is available from Amazon for $59.99, which is far less than I’ve been spending to replace the plants I’ve killed.

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