Folgers Flavors Has Four Ways To #RemixYourCoffee

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Folgers. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

I live off a diet of coffee and carbs. They’re my life. I would give up carbs in a heartbeat, however, I would never give up my coffee. It’s the perfect way to greet a morning, a nice afternoon break, and sometimes, a lovely way to warm my belly before bed (decaf, of course).

Waking up to a delicious fresh brew of Folgers Coffee is the best part of my day. Deciding which flavored creamer to use is the toughest. The worst part? It’s when I travel and I don’t have my favorite flavors with me. Problem solved, thanks to Folgers Flavors! Their squeezable, portable, concentrated rich flavors for your coffee.

Rise & Shine With Folgers Flavors

Would you be able to give up your coffee? Do you have a favorite flavor that makes you heart your coffee even more? Mine is Mocha. I love the deep, rich flavor; it’s as close as I can come to having chocolate for breakfast without the side eye from my husband. Folgers Flavors can be used at home or on-the-go and don’t require refrigeration

Remember back in the day when all it took was a bowl of our favorite cereal, a big glass of orange juice, and a kiss from mom to get our day going? Now, we have kids, responsibilities, a job – we all need something far stronger.

Folgers Flavors are the best part of waking up

Vanilla, Mocha, Hazelnut, or Caramel – they’re all a delicious way of waking up. Folgers knows each of us likes our coffee our own way—and they’re helping us brew exactly what we want. Folgers Flavors lets us customize our coffee any way we like it – a delicious way to #RemixYourCoffee!

Want another fun remix? Check out YouTube sensation Mike Tompkins’ fun remix video. 

How fun is that? Be sure to check out Mike Tompkins YouTube page for more fun. For more flavor, Folgers and As Mom Sees It are giving away two samples of Folgers Flavors to one lucky reader!

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