Wish Me Zoonicorns
Price: $19.99.

These high-quality plush toys are perfect for bedtime or playtime. They’re soft and cuddly, long lasting, and won’t get hot because they have safe LED lights.

Wish me features 12 fun characters your kids will love. Let them make a wish on a Wish Me! They respond to your kid’s touch and they’ll love the gentle sounds.

Journey Girls Dolls

Journey Girls Dolls
Price: $34.99

Each Journey Girl has her own individual and unique style. They love to travel and explore! 

Your child can choose her new best friend from 8 different Journey Girls dolls. They’re all about sharing adventures with their friends.

BT2200 Volume Limited Kids' Bluetooth Headphones
Price: starting at $64.99

Stylishly designed with high quality materials for wireless listening to ideally grow with your child’s needs for learning and multimedia entertainment.

Engineered to have your child in mind, the BT2200 is a cutting edge hearing prevention for young ears. Comes in 4 colors and their own zippable case.

Magical Activity Wall Calendar for Kids

Magical Activity Wall Calendar
Price: $10.39

Pure interactive fun all year long—12 activity packed-scenes featuring llamas, unicorns, narwhals and mermaids. Plus stickers!

A year of enchanting fun for all ages! Every month of the Magical Activity Calendar is packed with playful prompts (Draw yourself dancing to your own magical beat), celebrations (dragon appreciation day, bubble bath day—featuring an adorable mermaid illustration), games, jokes, and more.

EasyRead Time Teacher Wall Clock
Price: $29.95

The ideal first clock to help children learn to tell the time at home – a resource that can be used by the whole family.

The EasyRead 2 or 3-step teaching method leads your child through the process of learning to tell the time. The clear dial carries all the information children need to learn to tell the time. Choose between two simple teaching methods ‘minutes past & to’; or ’12/24 hour’

EasyRead Time Teacher Watch

EasyRead Time Teacher Watch
Price: $29.95

The ideal first watch for children age 4+. The clear face design and simple teaching method make it really easy for children to learn to tell the time.

Worn every day, your child will be able to practice their new skill wherever they go. Our Watches are water resistant and can withstand splashing, but not total immersion. The washable nylon strap fits wrists from 12 cm to 18 cm (child to adult).

The Future Is Female Wall Calendar

The Future Is Female Wall Calendar 2020
Price: $15.99

A call to action, and a celebration of women’s voices, in calendar form!

Feminist empowerment is at the forefront of our national conversation—and it’s about time. The Future Is Female will elevate any activist’s wall.

Each month features an empowering quote from a feminist icon, paired with a bold illustration. (One of the quotes features the word ‘Hell’, parents – just a heads up).

Bullied at the Dog Park Book

Bullied at the Dog Park Book for Kids
Price: $18.95

“Bullied at the Dog Park” is a children’s book for young readers.

A story about a lovable Boston Terrier with a “smushed” face and the new friends he makes on his journey to find out why they have all been bullied. The group quickly becomes friends, while learning valuable lessons about treating all dogs (and people) with respect, and the importance of simple kindness.

Disney Stories for 2-year-olds

Disney Stories for 2-Year-Olds
Price: $12.99

Join Mickey, Minnie, and all their friends in this collection of stories just right for 2-year-olds!

Disney Stories for 2-Year-Olds includes fourteen stories with short, simplified text and bright illustrations, perfect for youngsters to follow along as parents introduce the adventures of Mickey and his friends. Whether it’s a camping adventure, the story of when Mickey first met Pluto, or a case of missing flowers from Minnie’s garden, this collectible makes a perfect gift for anyone turning two!

Disney Stories for 3-year-olds

Disney Stories for 3-Year-Olds
Price: $12.99

From Peter Pan to 101 Dalmatians, three-year-olds will be introduced to wonderful Disney adventures in Disney Stories for 3-Year-Olds!

This treasury includes fourteen classic Disney stories retold and simplified for a younger audience. With the same spirit as the extended versions and paired with colorful illustrations, this book is perfect for parents introducing their children to classic Disney adventures. With fourteen stories to choose from, youngsters can treat themselves to a favorite Disney classic story anytime!

Invasion of the Cow Snatchers Game

Invasion of the Cow Snatchers Game
Price: $29.99

Piloting a UFO can be tricky. There are so many cows to beam up and so little time! Invasion of the Cow Snatchers is a clever logic puzzle featuring 60 challenges.

Maneuver your flying saucer around various farm obstacles and magnetically beam up all the cows in the correct order. The 40 Easy to Super Hard challenges are great for beginner puzzlers while the 20 Genius level challenges are appropriate for experienced puzzlers. Take the controls of your very own UFO to solve 60 out of this world magnetic challenges!

Scattergories 30th Anniversary Edition Game

Scattergories 30th Anniversary Edition
Price: $37.50

The game of Scattergories took the country by storm when it was first launched in 1989.

This classic reproduction features the components and categories found in that original Scattergories game. The mechanical timer has 3 different settings so players can set it for more time (for an easier round) roles time when they want more of challenge.

Disney Villainous Board Game

Disney Villainous Strategy Board Game
Price: $24.99

In this asymmetric style of game play, each Disney Villain has their own objectives and goals.

Once you’ve figured out the best way to play as one Disney Villain, try to solve another! You have 3 different Disney Villains to choose from — Scar, Ratigan, and Yzma. The Fate Decks also feature your favorite protagonists like Mufasa, Simba, Pumbaa, Basil, Dr. Dawson, Olivia, Kuzco, Pacha, Kronk and more!

Disney Villainous Board Game

Disney Villainous Strategy Board Game
Price: $24.99

Characters you love – In this asymmetric style of game play, each Disney Villain has their own objectives and goals.

Once you’ve figured out the best way to play as one Disney Villain, try to solve another! You have 3 different Disney Villains to choose from — Hades, Dr. Facilier, and the Evil Queen. The Fate Decks also feature your favorite protagonists like Hercules, Zeus, Meg, Tiana, Prince Naveen, Louis, Ray, Mama Odie, Snow White, The Seven Dwarfs and more!


Glow in the Dark Capture The Flag
Price: $59.90

This game pumps up the excitement of the classic outdoor game Capture the Flag with glowing lights and new styles of play. Experience it anywhere with space to run — after sunset or inside with the lights off.

Set comes with 10 LED Glow Bracelets, 8 Jail Markers, 5 Territory Lights, 2 Orbs (to use as the “flag”), 12 Game variations – Batteries are included… and replaceable!

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Bath Time Daniel Tiger

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Bath Time Daniel Tiger
Price: $19.99

Kids will love bathing with this adorable Daniel Tiger collection of tub-friendly toys!

Daniel comes in his removable frog robe and tigey-shaped slippers. Daniel Tiger features moveable arms and legs and includes Daniel Tiger figure, Play bathtub, robe, pair of slippers, toy boat, and octopus bath squirter.

Horrified, the horror movie board game

Horrified: Universal Monsters Strategy Board Game
Price: $34.97

Get ready to be horrified! Horrified is a board game for ages 10 and up, in which Universal’s most iconic monsters are coming for you. Work together with your fellow heroes to defend the town against the onslaught of Frankenstein, Dracula, the Cride of Frankenstein, the Wolfman, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, and the Creature From the Black Lagoon.

Game comes with 1 game board, 7 sculpted miniatures, 75 cards, 3 dice, fabric bag, 17 paper movers and Bases, 6 place cards and instructions.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Bath Time Daniel Tiger

Ravensburger Jaws Board Game
Price: $29.99

Perfect for Universal fans and families – Whether you’re playing with a group of devoted Jaws fans, classic strategy gamers, or with your family, Jaws is perfect for any game night occasion and makes a great gift for shark lovers!

Game comes with 1 double-sided game board, 3 human movers, 1 Shark mover, 2 boat movers, 5 dice, 1 paper pad, 4 character boards, 8 boat pieces, 1 beach closed token, 3 resurface tokens, 3 target tokens, 5 barrel tokens, 16 swimmer tokens, and instructions

Scrabble to Go board game

Winning Moves Games Scrabble to Go Board Game
Price: $29.58

Pick up and go With America’s all-time favorite word game now in a travel edition!

Scrabble to Go allows you to pack up in the middle of the game without disturbing the words you’ve already placed on the board. Plus, all the components cleverly store in the soft- sided zipper case.

Winning Moves Games Pass The Pigs
Price: $9.36

It’s time to PASS THE PIG! You roll and if you get a Pig-Out or an Oinker, then you pass the pigs onto the next player. If you get anything else, you may decide to roll again or pass the pigs.

Includes plastic “Pig Sty” dice cup with lid, 2 pig dice, 1 pencil, Pigs scoring guide and score pad, illustrated instructions. Two to four players may compete, and the first player to reach 100 points or more wins the game.

Winning Moves Games Clue The Classic Edition
Price: $24.99

The classic ‘Whodunnit’ game!

Clue is a board game where three to six players try to figure out three main facts of a murder: the murderer, the location of the murder, and the murder weapon. They do this by having their characters run around a mansion and gather evidence.

Milton Bradley 13 Dead End Drive

Milton Bradley 13 Dead End Drive Board Game
Price: $27.15 at Walmart

13 Dead End Drive is the game of mystery, suspicion, and foul play.

A motley crew of Aunt Agatha’s freinds and employees are gathered at her mansion for the reading of her will. Only one of these 12 specially invited guests will inherit her loot.