Give Your Child The Best Start For Kindergarten With EmbarK12

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Every parent wants to give their children the best of what they’re able to offer; the best nutrition, the best doctor, the best toys, and even the best schools. When our babies start school, it’s one of the saddest and happiest days of our lives and we often wonder if they’re ready to embark on the educational journey. We wonder if we’ve gven them the best tools in which to start that journey.

EmbarK¹² can be one of those tools that gives them the best start possible. EmbarK¹² Comprehensive is EmbarK¹² ‘s award-winning, and standards aligned, Pre-K program that is designed to fully prepare children ages 3-5 for Kindergarten. It offers your child over 1,200 engaging and interative activities — both online and hands-on — that cover across the core subjects across Science, Social Studies, Music, Art, Math and Language Arts.

EmbarK¹² Comprehensive is used by a national childcare and education provider and now you can use it to prepare your child for their first day of Kindergarten and beyond. The program consists of engaging activities with skills in the core subjects and are based on extensive research and industry standards for early learning.

What can EmbarK¹² offer your child?

You can purchase the EmbarK¹² Comprehensive program for your child onlne and get them started right away. Normally, the cost is $59 for a 12 month subscription but enter promo code EmbarkSpecial to get a year’s subscription for 50% OFF – only $29.50 (valid only for 7 days from the date of this post).

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