Hallmark has always been a part of our holidays #giveaway

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One of my favorite memories of holidays past is when we would each receive an ornament, chosen and given to us to represent some aspect of our life. Whether to represent a big event that happened that year, such as losing a tooth, or our favorite interest, such as ballet class, each year’s ornament seemed to represent a significant part of our live and each ornament became a significant memory in our lives, as well.

Hallmark has always been a part of that and has helped me continue that tradition with my own children. With Hallmark, we can send holiday greetings unlike any other, we can create a family heirloom, or capture and preserve our favorite memories.

The kids have a great time with Jingle the husky pup (or you can choose to take home his new friend, Bell, or other characters like Scooby Doo) and it’s adorable to watch G read to her. She thinks he’s so magical because he can make Jingle speak! We also had the kids’ grandparents record a story for them with one of Hallmark’s recordable story books – a memory that they can treasure for a lifetime! They have fun Christmas-themed storybooks that make perfect gifts.
Of course, among my favorites, their Keepsake Ornaments. More than just decorations, Keepsake Ornaments capture the memories of the holidays, commemorating the events, relationships and interests that shape your life throughout the years.
This year, we also discovered their Signature, interactive and personalized greeting card lines. I couldn’t believe the fun we found in a simple but exsquisite card. One of my favorites was a card that could be used as an ornament and one that allows the recipient to initiate a Christmas countdown!

From their television movies featured on their own network channel to their interactive story books to the greeting cards that make us laugh and cry, Hallmark is a part of all of our lives.


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