Halloween craft: glowing pumpkin jars

These jars are the best Halloween craft, whether you use them to line a walkway or porch ledge, or if you let your kids use them as nightlights, they’re an easy craft everyone will love!

How to make Glowing Pumpkin Jars

Glowing pumpkin jars

I actually purchased a few jars, but upcycling old jars is ideal, especially if you have uniquely shaped jars or containers. The key is saturation of the jar with Krylon Glowz spray paint in even layers. I actually coated the jar with about 5 layers, allowing them to dry for 15 minutes in between. If your kids are helping with this craft, a spray paint might not be the best way to go. You might want to try an actual glow paint that will last long and allow easy application.

After the jars are completely dry, this is when you get to have a little fun! I applied googly eyes with super glue and painted a rough smile on with permanent marker. You can use other items like foam eyeballs, fake teeth or other craft facial features. For extra fun, find really thin gauze and wrap it around the jar, eyes sticking out, to make mummy jars!

Krylon Glowz paint jars


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