Halloween Decorations: Cure Neighbor Envy With #TargetStyle

Halloween and Christmas are my favorite holidays because they’re the most fun for decorating! It never fails, however, after a drive through the neighborhood, I always develop a severe case of Neighbor Envy. I always see decorations that I want or feel that our home needs just a few more touches, so it’s off to Target I go.

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This neighbor has cool pumpkins, that one has gravestones. GRAVESTONES! Why didn’t I think of that? And look at the glowing eyes in their bushes… honey! Why didn’t we do that? Oh, look at that! We could totally do that! I’m doing that next year!

Sound familiar?


Happy #halloween, @targetstyle! Bwahaha! #home #decor #homedecor #holidays #ad

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Whether it’s spooky lights, talking gravestones, or small creepy crawly details – and yes, even the Halloween candy we pass out to Trick-or-Treaters – it seems like Target is the best place to go!

It’s never too late to shop because you’ll always use them next and the following Halloween.


Another awesome #halloween find for our #homedecor from @targetstyle #ad

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How fun is that? Fun spooky or scary spooky, I don’t care. We all know that Target is the place to shop for most anything. Any time of the year, I could easily, and very quickly, spend hundreds, and Halloween is no exception. But, I do love that I get a lot for my money, which is one of the main reasons I shop there. 


We made a quick stop at @targetstyle today to get last minute #Halloween decor! This was our favorite! #ad #bugs

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Now my neighbors can relish in their own Neighbor Envy because the front of my house is lit with creepy crawlies of my own! We definitely want to help you avoid Neighbor Envy, so with the help of @TargetStyle, we’re giving 5 lucky readers a $200 gift card to Target!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Target. All opinions are my own and were not influenced.

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