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Growing up, I remember that my grandmother seemed to be the busiest, most talented, most caring person I’d known all my life. She was selfless and took care of everyone, including her own aging mother. I’m very lucky because my family is quite young generally speaking, but watching her trying to prepare the holiday meals and make sure that my great grandmother’s needs were fulfilled exhausted even me. I often wondered if someone would be there for her when she was much older or why she hadn’t hired someone to help take care of her mom so she could have time for herself.

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Family planning

There was an article recently on Huffington Post about women being the caretakers traditionally, but then who takes care of us? No matter our age, we wonder this as women anyway, but when we’ve spent our life taking care of others we often wonder who will take care of us when we’re older.

According to the post, a recent AARP study showed that 29 percent of caregivers spend 40 hours or more per week providing care for their elders. This means that about one-third of Americans, mostly women, can list caregiving as an unpaid, full time job. Think of where you want to spend your last days – is it in a nursing home or is it comfortably at home with your family? Now think about how you’ll take care of your parents and how your children will take care of you.

There are, in fact, many other similar articles about how to save to take care of your loved ones and to make sure that your family is taking care of you the way you’d like them to. Make sure that you have the conversation with your family before the time comes so that you have a plan and the resources to carry out that plan. If you need to hire even a part time nurse or caretaker, it can help to alleviate at least some of the stress so that, unlike my grandmother with her mother, not all of the burden of care is on you or, in your case, on your children.

A financial planning company like Genworth Financial can help your family plan for retirement and beyond. The earlier you plan, the better off both you and your family will be so don’t wait until the last minute.

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